Sunday, August 26, 2012

Lil' Froggy

I know I posted earlier about all of Everett's birthday party dreams that included frogs, water, all his favorite people, green, candy, and balloons. Well we tried our best to make it all happen and I think it turned out pretty fun, at least for the kids. I had my camera with me as much as I could, but I was always too busy doing other things before I would remember to pull it out, so a few of the photos are from my mom's camera.

Helping us make a green pudding cake. Or more like helping us clean up.

Fun on the bloog. We put blue food coloring and little froggies in it this time.

We really liked the cool bloog in the hot weather.

 Water balloon wars: round one!

Any left?

Frogs swimming in blue jello.

Birthday cake time!

Why is everyone singing so loudly to me?

I don't know what's happening?!

The tears really start rolling. So sad, but too cute.

Daddy, save me!

Cake? Awww all better now.

Duck Pond Game

Water Ballon Fight: round two!

Paper ripping.

Loving the musical cards.

Already showing a gnarly sunburn on my back :(

Hot dog roasting.

One last, giant, awesome present from gamma and gampa Mc.


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