Monday, October 5, 2009

Band Tour(raod trip!)

... the band playing at Rocketown...
Leaving my job, schooling, family, friends, and my home town the band, my sister, and I hit the road. With it being their first tour ever many things didn't go according to plan. A few of their shows were canceled and some didn't go as well as perceived. Another minus about this road tour is the bands tight budget. All of the food, fuel, and bare necessities went on the bands card and with no one of course having a job, wouldn't spend any of their own money. Being a week so far, we haven't had to sleep in the van...yet. Many people have been very generous and put us up in their house or church. Food for the first week was either kind people serving free meals or our "Free Roast Beef Sandwich!" txt's from Arby's, although, the cheap, fast food has been taking its toll on my body.
Although, with all the mishaps and sufferings the band played a great show today for three judges in Nashville at Rocketown for a chance at a lable! They had only one pointer for them about the lead vocals and are supposed to e-mail them with the rest of the info, along with about six other bands.