Monday, April 30, 2012

Officially Official

Today David got off work early and we headed down to the Mortgage Co. to sign a few(A LOT!) of papers and officially close on our house. It was so crazy to be handed keys to a house that is actually OURS! It's a crazy feeling. We have a lot of work ahead of us but plenty of motivation so hopefully it will all go fast. Thank you everyone for all of the encouraging comments and prayers for our house, I really appreciate it! I will try and keep you updated on all the new house owners experiences. xo -Liz

Life this week (according to cell phone pictures) #39

Watching tractors outside, My first time home buyers certificate, Brenna's "new" hanging light, An Everett sized M Cycle, Vanilla+ White Chocolate=delicious, Heading out to do our final walk through, loves hummus!, More evening fires make me happy :)

Sunday, April 29, 2012

A Little Weekend Update

My weekend so far has been full of Estate sales, cleaning/prepping for our move. It's been pretty hectic, but yesterday we managed to squeeze in a little picnic dinner date along the sandy river bank before David had to set up for a show. It was so nice and definitely a lovely and memorable time. Everett still can't get enough of throwing rocks into the water. You might as well try to convince a watering hose to suck up a ball then try and talk him away from the water. Afterward, we had so much sand everywhere though we had a competition to see who could get the most out of their shoes. I really love dates like these and would take them any day over sitting in a frumpy ol' restaurant. I hope everyone else's weekends are going great too! xo -Liz

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Baby Style

I really enjoy bloggers style posts, but I really don't enjoy doing them myself, so I decided to try and do a baby style version. Who knows, maybe this will become a tradition, since he really does enjoy being in front of the camera. I think he might even enjoy dressing up and wearing crazier things than his Mama.

Moccasins: Vintage/// Overalls: Vintage/// Robot Onesie: Vintage Lucy's

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Fresh Juice

I don't know if I've ever mentioned this before, but we aren't big bottled juice drinkers. We always make our juices fresh when we do drink them. I really don't see any benefits to bottled juice especially when he's still just a toddler. Since he's never really had a whole lot, it's easy for him to know that when he's thirsty he has water to drink. He occasionally gets green juice when I make it and let him have as much as he wants and the only other thing is herbal tea with a little honey (but that's mostly just when he's sick).
The second reason we make all our own juice, is because it's just plain fun. Everett gets such a kick out of watching solid things turn into something he can drink. I always let him help when he wants to, he usually does and is always a big helper. He's been really good at helping me clean up afterwards and everything. It's such a fun hands on thing for him to do. And it makes it that much more of a treat to him.

Footnote: The first set of photos is from only a couple months ago. He looks so much smaller than normal to me for some reason! It's amazing how fast he grows!

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Garden Dreams

I've been talking and thinking about back yards and gardens today. It got me thinking and reminded me of This lady I saw a while back. She is such a gardening inspiration to me. She created a garden on top of her roof in New York City! Not only does she grow and sell the things from her garden, she also raises chickens and honey bees too! How amazing is that?

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

River Walk

This last weekend, a few of us went walking down the river trail. Our goal was to find the baby owls, but I think the boys goals were to see how much rocks they could throw and how dirty they could get. It was so lovely, but the temperatures are definitely shooting up to feel more like middle summer weather already.

The Mama owl across the trail

Throwing rocks over the log, into the river

This entertained them for a good amount of time

Grandma and E clapping their hands at how awesome he throws rocks

One of the baby owls finally peeking it's head out

Going down to the water with Papa

Throwing more rocks(and mud)

looking for throwing rocks 
Little Ellie

Monday, April 23, 2012

To Do: Things This Week

I know a few people have pet peeves about list makers. I am definitely a big time list maker though. I make lists for everything. In a way I sorta document my life with them. From grocery shopping lists and things to get done during the day to things I love, it's just a natural thing for me to do. Anyway, with that said, I hope you don't mind me sharing lists on here, because it's just a part of me. Here's just a short, little, fun list of Things To Do This Week:

  1. Try Different Recipes. My Recipes Pin Bored is chalk full of amazing food, but I never take the time to try some of them out. I always go back to the normal recipes lately and it's getting pretty boring. If I can eliminate at least two recipes a week from my Pin bored, I'll be happy.
  2. Edit pictures. A couple days ago I took Rachel and Jacobs engagement pictures. We edited the one that's being sent out with the wedding invitations, but  still have a chunk of pictures to go through and edit before the wedding, so Rachel can incorporate them into it. 
  3. Get over my cold. I CAN'T believe I already caught another one! I feel like it may be a mix of stress and not taking care of myself, but lately, I've been able to get rid of them quick with a few of the right ingredients: green tea along with plenty of other liquids, high vitamin C foods, lots of sunshine, essential oils, and no heavy meals. It works EVERY TIME!
  4. Get as much in order as possible. I can't believe it's only one week away until we close on our house. It's so exciting and stressful at the same time. There are so many things we still need to buy that most home owners(and even married couples) should have had a long time ago, but I'm hoping with a little yard selling luck, we can find every thing we need soon! We have SO much stuff now though, I will most likely have to get rid of a few dishes and stuff for it all to fit. I will have to share a picture on here of our giant pile of stuff being stored, before it's all taken apart. It's pretty insane!

Life this week (according to cell phone pictures) #38

The Best of Ferrel, Frozen Yogurt, Silly hat boy, Mother's Day tee, Another new hat, new sunnies, Pro race car driver, The best kind of evenings, evening walk/run, mean mom snapping sleeping baby photos.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Weekend Link Love

So hungry now.
I hope you're enjoying your weekend. Here are a few weekend inks for you to check out. Enjoy!

Crochet necklace DIY

I love this new Nike Commercial.

And speaking of commercials, have you seen Zooey's new iphone commercial?

And while we're on the subject of Zooey. I totally relate to this quote.

These little DIY picnic baskets are adorable! Just in time for picnic season.

New Favorite Blog. It's not in English, but she has the most beautiful photos and interior design.

To all you women, I don't know your opinions on birth control, but I've always had a pretty bias view on it. I've known women who have suffered for a variety of infections, weigh gain, break outs, and the list goes on. (I could write a whole post about this), but thanks to Danelle, I read this article that states facts about the negative health effects it has.

If you like tea as much as I do, you might want to read this interesting article about the chemistry of tea.

Fig Newton recipe, oh so yummy, from The Faux Martha

Check out these cute little homemade otter pops.

I'm in love with every single one of these photographs by Stellan Herner.

And finally, some of my favorite DIY's this week: Custom colored chalk board paint, suitcase coffee table, Easy Tiny envelopes, How to knit video tutorial, Chevron Nails.

Thursday, April 19, 2012


I snapped all of these photos, in order, in the span of about 5 minutes. He's pretty much the greatest drama king I know, but I love him.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

It's All Going Down

You know those times when it seems like everything's happening at once? Well It's all about to go down for us at once. This weekend, the husby and I are taking a first time home buyers course and then we're going to try and get all the repairs done on the house before the closing date. Today we had a meeting with the mortgage company on David's lunch break and tomorrow we have a meeting with our insurance company on his lunch break. Our closing date will be the end of this month, but we'll still need to paint and sand off all the popcorn ceilings before we move in. And of course we'll want to get all that finished ASAP.
Around that time we'll be having a bridal shower for my lovely Rachel. They moved their wedding date up to Memorial day, but I'm all for it. If anyone knows about being impatient about getting married to the one you love, it's me. When you find the right person, you just can't help it! I'm SO excited for them. I'm working on a playlist for the wedding as I write this(multi tasking!). I'm such a perfectionist though, I'm afraid it's going to take me longer than I thought haha. I'm sooo excited to be able to be their wedding photographer too. I'm hoping to get a new lens before then, but with our house coming up on the closing date and everything, it's pretty low on our list of things to purchase right now. I'm crossing my fingers though! I can't wait to share all the creative and pretty things that she's come up with though. It's pretty exciting!
In the middle of those two things, we have two high school graduation ceremonies, here in town and four relatives(and soon to be) are having one BIG graduation party all together. My MIL is graduating too from CCU. We're going to Denver for her ceremony and probably have a mini vaca with them there. I'm SO proud of her though. And glad she's finished with school now, she's such a hard worker. It will defiantly be a fun time.

I am a little stressed about all of it, but mostly excited. I feel like good things are in store ahead and know that the Lord will see us through and take care of us, whatever comes our way. The husby has to constantly remind me that everything will be OK, because I worry too much, and it always does turn out OK.
Looking at all this stuff that's happening and changing makes it almost feel like a turing point in mine and everyone around me's lives. It's so crazy how fast time passes... to think that I remember Rachel taking here first steps as a toddler, and now in just a few weeks she'll be taking her first steps down the wedding isle.

Monday, April 16, 2012

Life this week (according to cell phone pictures) #37

Loving on his stuffed Easter bunny from great gramma and grandpa, kissing the frog, fun with the celebrity look a like app, "new" vintage overalls, watching the bus being towed away for a good ten minutes, helping Brenna hang her homemade light fixture, finished product, editing senior pictures, Starship Romance and Vacation is a Myth show, new hat, more shrimp (the start of peppered shrimp Alfredo).

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Bex Finch

Its been a very rainy day here. It's the only day the husby has a weekend so its been sorta nice just hanging out all day and doing rainy day things together. Right now the little dude and man are watching The Office and it's so hilarious how much the little laughs ridiculously hard at the show. Micheal Scott's comedic style really ranges to a large age span.
Anyway, I wanted to show you this lady's photography that I'm currently in LOVE with. She is so inspirational and has a lovely style. You can find her photography blog HERE.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Link Love!

I can't get over this video. So much patience and talent!

I made these the other night. I know,  no meat?!, but I actually kinda prefer them over a burger now! They turned out so great.

Our friend, Kevin took some great photos last night at the show. I love his style!

And speaking of photos, I love these! Cherry blossoms in full bloom.

Haha, love this: 20 Crazy, Awesome tacos.

My favorite New To Me blog about restoration and design. And this Illustration one.

Definitely want to do this, this summer. 25 DIY ideas for an outdoor movie night.

How about a twist on your dessert bowls?
Cookie bowls, Chocolate bowls, Mango ice cream bowls

I love this idea: A Sip and See

Loving this DIY. So Creative.

40 Books you won't be able to put down. Did your favorite make it to the list?

I adore these custom I phone cases on Etsy (particularly the one on the right!)

And finally, 6 things you didn't know were in your food. Surprising... and kinda creepy!!!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012


Crazy wind today makes messy hair and not in the best of mood baby, but always willing to pose for sweet pictures.

Obsessing over… Yard sale season! It seems like Good Will even is stocked with better treasures than normal... maybe from all the Estate sale left overs lately. I know it's probably weird, but since it's spring cleaning around here, my sissy and I have found a few treasures in the streets spring clean up piles even! Two years ago I got really lucky to find a 1950's high chair with hardly any rust or such on it. Here's a similar one to mine. Ever since then, I scan the streets a little every year like a weirdo just to see what others toss out. 

Working on… Editing pictures. My lovely Nesha and Zarah are graduating this year and since they're sisters we got two birds with one stone and I took their senior pictures together. It was a lot of fun and I'm so glad I got to take pictures of their beautiful selves!

Thinking about… I know it's cheesy, but I've been thinking about how lucky I am to have found my husband. He is really like no one else I know and loves me thoroughly for who I am. He makes me want to be a better person. I couldn't have dreamed up a better man to be married to. 

Anticipating… Closing on our house. We're in another bartering process with the bank currently about repairs that need to be made before our loan company will grant the loan to us for the house. I'm sure it will all work out one way or another though. It seems like this month is going by so slowly, because I'm just so excited to get in there and start making a house our home.

Listening to… 

Eating…  Fresh tuna salad with crackers from the bread co. I can't get enough of this stuff!

Wishing… I could actually do all the stuff I pin. I have so many recipes and DIY's that I've never even tried that it gets overwhelming just thinking about it.... maybe one day.