Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Interviews With Everett

Instead of a doing a Project 365 or something crazy again, I wanted to try something a little more subtle. I'm going to try to do a videoed interview with Everett every month(or two) for the rest of the year. I'm not so worried about the part of being committed as I am being able to remember to do it every month. SO here's to hoping it'll work out! I hope you enjoy. xo -Liz

Friday, January 25, 2013

Stuffed Heart Banner DIY

 I can't stop putting up different banners in this certain spot of my living room. I made a new one for valentines and it was extremely simple.
If you'd like to make your own, here's what you do:
grab some scrap felt or buy some colors you like at your local craft store(they should only be about 30 cents a square). Cut out a heart shape out of cardboard or thick paper. trace it onto a folded piece of felt.

Cut just outside the lines for a seam allowance. You might want to cut the crevice of the heart a little deeper.

sew it along the line. Make sure you leave a little opening, of course. Turn inside out, stuff, and hand sew the opening of each heart, just like a pillow.

Take two different colors of yarn and twist them together. I used about three yards of each color.

find the middle of your yarn strand and work out from there. Sew tightly around the middle top of the heart and the yarn. Space each one evenly apart- mine were 8 1/2 inches apart.

Once you finish them off, find a great hanging spot and you're done! A little time costuming, but super simple and totally worth it. Enjoy! xo -Liz

Thursday, January 17, 2013


Trying to get this guy to sit still for a photo is pretty much impossible 


loving... My life. It's definitely not perfect, in ANY way, but when I stop and think about my life being in any other situation than what it is now, it just makes me all the happier to be where I am. My little dude is absolutely one of the funnest people I've ever known and I feel so grateful that I get to spend every day with him! I just can't think of it being any better in a different situation.

Reading… I've been reading a ton of various articles via the internet lately. As far as books go, I haven't taken much time for that sadly. I've been spending way too much time researching about various random interesting things like: Dreams, and Asthma and House Plants,

Obsessing Over… Purging, Organizing, and Rearranging. I don't know what its been lately, but ever since after all the Christmas shadings, I've been having this NEED to get my house completely organized and clean. I feel like we've been living too long in our unorganized, chaotic, unfinished house and someone needs to put a stop to that! 

Thinking about… I know I've mentioned once on here before about my BIL's band Starship Romance, he's been pouring a lot of hours into it, in fact, if you haven't already check out their awesome music video! David helped them out with it and plays drums through it. They have an upcoming show this Friday, so if you're in the Grand Junction area, I hope to see you there. David is going to be playing drums for two of the bands(including Starship) and they've been practicing and preparing for this upcoming show like crazy. So I'm super excited to see the outcome! 

Anticipating… Warmer weather. It's suppose to actually get above freezing here by next week! I can NOT tell you enough how much I miss even some semi warm weather. I love to spend a lot of time outside, in fact, I don't feel like myself unless I get a certain amount of time in the sunshine and this weather is making it impossible to do anything. Our back yard has a good foot or more of snow and I think our average high temperature the past few weeks has been a whopping 20 something, but most of the time it drops back down too fast to even enjoy that. OK! Enough complaining.

Listening to…

Eating... Chia seed pudding with warm blueberries!  It's completely my new favorite breakfast!

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Life Lately(according to iPhone photos)


Gray haired baby, Visiting Santa for the second time(lucky boy), Our Christmas light drive, Watching the choo-choo go around the tree, First haircut(did such a great job!), cousins on a sled ride, Too much fun in the snow, snowy cliffs, alaskan salmon and homemade caesar, Everett about to partake in the cake he helped make.

Monday, January 14, 2013

That Feeling

Everett taking a sweet snooze the other day

Even though we aren't planning on having anymore kids, I still get some baby fever every once in a great while! It's been worse than ever lately too. So many people are having babies lately and they're the cutest, tiniest things ever! Here's a maternity series that caught my eye recently called The Belly Project. It's probably the best idea I've seen on documenting your pregnancy.
To make things a little worse, Everett pulled out a random DVD yesterday that he HAD to watch and it just so happened to be his Baby video. I've sent parents and Grandparents the video, but I've never shared it online, because It's somewhat long, but seeing it all over again after quite some time made me what to try to share it with some people that may not have been able to see it yet. I made this video the Christmas before last and I haven't had the time to continue editing and putting together any other video past him being 12 months, but hopefully in the near future you'll be able to see the continuation of his baby months and on it his toddler years.

On a side note(but still keeping on the Baby/mama topic) I came across this post the other day about a mother and her daughter's Febrile Seizure experience. I've never talked on here about my experience with Everett having one of these, but it's literally one of the scariest things a mother could go though. Although they're ultimately harmless, the things I experienced were unshakable.When you're child stops breathing, has uncontrollable muscle contractions and goes into an irretrievable sleep for a while, like the things that I saw happen to Everett, I believe that no mother should be completely lost at what's happening to their child like I was. If we can spread the word more for mother's to be aware, in case the day ever does come, they won't have to be as clueless on what's happening and what to do in case of a seizure like me and so many other mothers out there.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013


 I know, "Wait, wasn't Christmas over a week ago?" yeah, I know, but for us, it ended not that long ago. We started our Christmas by spending Christmas Eve at my parents and unwrapping all the handmade amazingness that all my family spent so much time on! The next morning we traveled up to spend Christmas with David's family and eat a delicious Christmas morning breakfast.

After Christmas toy reorganizing and a day of snowboarding for David, we packed up and traveled all day to see some more of David's family in Wyoming. It was a long trip, but Everett did amazing. We saw lots of pretty scenery both ways, spent some time in the natural hot springs, and did some coyote hunting, but mostly stayed indoors visiting and trying to stay out of the frigid cold. I feel like a baby after complaining about our cold weather here in Colorado after visiting Wyoming!

The deer eating their daily dose of fruit peelings in front of the house in WY

We arrived back home late at night and rushed off to my brothers Birthday party the next morning and celebrated new years eve that night. We had our traditional New Year's Day potato pancakes at my Grandparents New Years Day. I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and New Year as well!

We had a little early Christmas Morning for Everett at our house too. I can't help, but adore the faces he makes after opening something!

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

My Favorite Posts of 2012

In the middle of no where Wyoming two days ago

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