Wednesday, July 30, 2014

A little Bit of Life

There's nothing like some good ol' journaling so that's what I'm doing today. This last weekend we spent in Ouray, Colorado soaking in the natural hot springs and eating yummy food with some of David's family that were in town. David even canceled a work appointment to do it so it was a little extra special since he's never done that for a family trip before. It was so nice to get away for a while, I can't wait to take a little escape again.
 On Sunday night I had just laid Darby in her crib at 3:30 after nursing her when I got a call from my sister. She had been up, painfully sick, for hours and was wondering if I could help her figure out if it was kidney stones or what. I wanted her to go in to the ER just in case. Luckily they were small enough to pass and she'll be fine but, it's not fun when you're laying awake worrying if someone you love might be in danger and them not wanting to go in to get checked out at the same time. Thankfully her stubbornness lost out and we at least found out exactly what it was.

 On another entirely different note, David is playing at Vans Warp Tour this weekend! We've always thought about going(especially before we had kids), but it's funny that the first time he gets to go he'll also be playing. He's playing for some friends band called Redlands. So wish them luck and I know it will be an exciting experience!

Again, entirely different train of thought. I can't believe I'm starting to plan Everett's birthday. He's turning FOUR in three short weeks! I remember being pregnant and looking at the expiration date on my drivers license and thinking, wow, we'll have an almost four year old when I get this renewed again. I couldn't even begin to imagine what it would be like to be taking care of such a big kid. And he IS such a big kid. It's so fun to watch him. He's going to make a profound father some day. Every time his sister is whining while I'm doing something he RUNS to her rescue and almost instantly makes her laugh and scream with his silly songs and dancing. I never get done with whatever I was busy with because by then I'm too busy laughing along with them. He also yells out in delight whenever I begin cooking or baking, "can I help?!!!" He loves learning all the little baking secrets and is getting really good at actually helping when it come to making food with me. He loves being a helper all around. It's very rare that he'll refuse when I ask him to do a small favor for me. I've never known a kid to do so much with the reward of satisfaction alone. He still loves to dress up and pretend, make up stories and listen to songs. He likes all the super heroes that all boys like and even talks about God like he's one of them - the man with power who saved us all. He always asks amazing questions about him like, "where does he get his power?", "who made God?" Crazy questions that you have to give the same old "I don't know." answer to. I'd like him to keep his own personal idea of God for as long as he can. There's a point in all our lives when that childlike idea gets ruined by so many others telling you what God is with their own biased ideas. I love every bit of this child and want him to stay this way as long as possible. He always gives me the promise that he'll stay little for me forever which is a great sacrifice for someone who wants to grow so big. We both secretly know it won't last forever like we say, but we will pretend for as long as we can.