Saturday, March 29, 2014

About the Babies

Darby's a little over two months now, which means it been over two months since I've logged on here. There's, of course, so much stuff I've wanted to write about since then but to get to this point to where I've felt like I've accomplished enough to deserve some free time to sit down and write a smidgen. To start off is of course, the fact that I now have TWO kids. It's crazy! I never thought I would have two kids, but here we are. It's been crazy, emotional, stressful, a little overwhelming, but absolutely, 100%, terrifically, wonderful! If you are thinking of having a second kid, I highly recommend it! ;) This time around has been so much more enjoyable. Knowing a little more (from practice) has made it a lot easier and a little more relaxing. Although I have a three year old to take care of as well. He has for sure been pushing buttons a lot more since his sister has been born to see how much he can get away with, but he's also been a great help, like when I'm getting dinner ready and the baby starts crying i'll ask him to go talk or sing to her and it usually gives me a few more precious moments to get our food on the table. It also, at least seems like, she smiles WAY more when he's around her making noises, playing pretend, singing his made up songs, or telling us stories.
I can't tell you how much anxiety I had about how everything was going to work with two kids. Before Darby was born I would spend a lot of time getting Everett ready for bed, tucking him in, getting him whatever he needed, waking up on time to make him breakfast, and so on. Since then, a lot has changed. David has lovingly taken over most of the bedtime part, which Everett likes way more, because he gets to spend a little more quality time with his Dad, who he adores more than anything. In the morning time, if Darby and I are still asleep Everett's become independent enough to find a snack or something to tie him over until I've had enough sleep to tie me over. I wondered how everything would work out, but now that we're here and have our system  down, I realize I didn't need to worry so much. It all kinda worked out naturally. I know this might seem boring but it might be helpful to someone. For now our schedule is:

8:30pm: David starts getting Everett ready for bed(bath, brushing teeth etc.) while I nurse Darby.

9:15: Darby's in bed and David is either finishing up a book or saying goodnight and I usually try to make it up there in time to say goodnight too.

4:00am: Darby wakes up to nurse for a few and then we get back to bed.

7:30: Darby wakes up again to nurse and falls back asleep. I peek on Everett and go back to bed if I still need it.

10:00 Darby wakes up again hungry and usually likes to fall asleep again right after for an hour or two. I love this time because I can eat and get ready for the day without worrying about her.

11 or 12: Darby wakes up for good(or I don't let her go back to sleep right away).

She nurses every couple hours through the day and takes about one long nap and cat naps the rest of the day. She doesn't usually sleep, in the late evening, which I think might be why she's so ready for bed and sleeps so well at night.
I'll be back later to share a little more when I can get the time ;)