Monday, August 26, 2013

Everett Turns 3!

For Everett's third birthday party we had a carnival themed party. We had carnival games, corn dogs, face painting, and pies. Last year Everett cried while we sang the Happy Birthday song, but this year he enjoyed being sung to throughly! There was a lot more stress that came with getting the party started than what I was anticipating like not being able to cook the food very fast, forgetting to put out some decorations, and not being able to find my camera's memory card(thus the phone pictures and stolen ones from my mom's camera). But over all I think it turned out pretty good mostly because of the help from friends and family! 

P.S. we had an outdoor movie planned too, but because of things getting started late and not being able to get the sound to work the movie was started just about in time for little ones to head home for bed. We still enjoyed it anyway! and hope to do another one too before the weather gets cold!

Monday, August 19, 2013


Its been quite a few months since I've blogged, in fact, its been quite a few months since many things. But everything is slowly starting to get back to normal and I'm so thankful for that. If you don't know(which you should by now from the obvious picture) I'm about 18 weeks pregnant. The last few days I've been feeling actual blunt kicks from this tiny thing inside me, and I can't help but smile every time! I was extremely ill for the first 14 weeks and just plain nauseous until I hit week 17. So I've been completely medication free and mostly nausea free for a week now and I'm so, so thankful. It seems like every time we go through hard or dark times we end up being so much more thankful and loving life so much more once we start seeing the light again and that's totally how I feel!
This pregnancy is also flying by! It's hard the believe that in only two short weeks I'll already be halfway through! I want to enjoy it as much as possible, before the arrival, but I also CAN NOT wait to meet this baby... especially after seeing all the beautiful new borns lately! It seems like there's a HUGE baby boom this year. In fact not only do I have a few friends due really close to me but my cousin, Rachel, and I share THE EXACT SAME DUE DATE! It still seems so crazy, after knowing for this for a while. It's something that couldn't have happened if we planned it! I love her so much and am beyond excited that we get to share this together!
Anyway, one more pregnancy related topic before I go: in a little over 2 weeks we get to find out the babies gender, so I'll be here to reveal that, if not before. For now, I have a certain someones 3rd birthday to get ready for!
Thanks for reading! xo -Liz