Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Getting Ready

First, to answer every ones question, nope, no baby yet haha. As you might have guessed, most of my days have been filled with as much getting ready for baby as possible. 
Some of you know that I was trying to flip a breech baby. I tried so many exercises for a couple weeks, a special acupuncture called moxibustion, and even went to a special chiropractor that could do the Webster Technique. After all of that, I called my midwife to get something else going, in a hurry(since I was already over 38weeks). We met at the hospital that day and met with a special doctor that does versions. The actual turning was fast(and painful), but the whole process was a long stay at the hospital of monitoring and nurses worrying about my contractions turning into labor, but she DID turn with no problems! The next few days I had really strong contractions, but nothing near regular enough for me to freak out about. 
Other than that, I've been cleaning and getting things together as much as possible the last few days. I feel like I still have a few days left, especially since my last one was almost a week late, but other than being anxious, I'm not quite ready anyway. I'm waiting for all the colds going around to dissipate and to have enough energy to finish my laundry pile! So here are a few snapshots of baby things lately.


...And my full time helper