Friday, December 31, 2010

The Year in Pictures

A picture for every month...
I'm posting a picture from every month of the year, excluding Jan. and Feb(cuz I was deathly ill with morning sickness). So without further a due here's my year in review:

MARCH: Slowly recovering from morning sickness(the only downer during this last year).
A cake my sister-in-law made... So Cute!!!

APRIL: Dressed the dog up for Easter, just before heading to Grandma's for Easter lunch!

MAY: Began being able to get out a little more to do fun stuff like HIKING with my dog and hubby!

JUNE: Got my new camera!!! And LOVE taking pictures with it!

JULY: Spent most of the summer swimming and yoga getting ready to give birth lol and LOVED it!

AUGUST: Our precious gift came into this world.

SEPTEMBER: My lovely niece Shyla Rose came!

OCTOBER: Carved a pumpkin after Everett's "sleeping" face.

NOVEMBER: Put up Everett's first Christmas tree he ever did see. He LOVED it!

DECEMBER: Enjoyed Everett's first Christmas with him. Love him SO much!


Christmas was AWESOME! I hope it was just as great for everyone else as well! I got a Kindle reader and me hubby got a brand new mac laptop!!! Baby and I love to take pictures with it!

Sunday, December 19, 2010

John Wayne

This is a pillow I made for a white elephant gift exchange this year. It was extremely easy. Just used scrap material, stuffing, and iron-on transfer paper.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Goat Soap

Had the "brilliant" idea of making goat's milk soap this Christmas. It wasn't that hard, just time consuming and a little pricey if you're wanting to make good quality soap. The kind I made was lye free! I also added grape seed oil and Castor oil for soft skin and grapefruit seed extract to kill germs. All of them were different and it was fun to discover different things to put in each one of them.