Sunday, November 30, 2014

Covered Bridge Ranch (tree hunting)

My sister-in-law and brother invited us along to the Covered Bridge Ranch for some Christmas Tree hunting. We didn't get a real tree this year and I've never been to a tree farm before, but I'm so glad we went! I was a fun experience for sure and hopefully I can talk the Mr. into going next year and maybe even getting our own real Christmas tree! There was so much other fun, unique experiences around there too; trailer rides around the farm, marshmallow roasting, petting zoo, hay climbing tower, concessions, and a handmade gifts shop.

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Me Trying to be Thankful for Something Beyond Pie?

Happy Thanksgiving! I hope you're having a fantastic Holiday with your loved ones this year. And I hope the day brings light to what you're grateful for. 
Our list of things to be thankful for during this time is infinite… literally, so I usually try to think of just one thing that I'm particularly thankful for every year. Family, home, health, PIE(always)… etc. Ever since Darby was born though I've been thinking about one thing over and over and how there have been so many instances in my life that I would be completely lost without. That one thing is my Mother. I've always felt grateful for her of course, but this past year has really opened my eyes to how much she really does for not only me, but everyone around her. When we were joyfully surprised with my second pregnancy I didn't really know what was in store for me. Would it be just like my last pregnancy? Would I be able to control the morning sickness better this time? I really just had to take it one step at a time to see how things would work out. But things were Oh, so different this time around too. My last pregnancy I had just quit my job and David made most of his dimes through Chamberlynn(his band). So he was always around to take care of me. The sickness and months without keeping anything down were terrible, but it was beyond wonderful to have him right there to help me through it. This pregnancy, between working and volunteering David was gone about 60 hours a week. On top of that, of course, I had a toddler I was taking care of now.
I began to feel sick and tried to push the feelings aside. I began to not keep my food down, every once in a while, but pushed myself through it. And one day, I had pushed myself too far. I had become so weak I was literally crawling, trying to make it to the bathroom. My toddler was crawling all over me worried and needing my attention. My stubbornness didn't want to, but I broke down and called my Mother that day. She came over right away even though she was in the middle of something. She bought me some chicken noodle soup, made me get into bed, and took care of Everett for me. I was in tears. Yes, I was pregnant, and yes, I knew it would just get worse from there, but beyond all that I think I was crying because I knew that no matter what I was dealing with I would be OK. I had her. The person that's taken care of me since the moment I was born and she's still taking care of me 26 years later. 
I stayed with my parents while David was gone on a band tour and busy with other stuff. My Mom watched over me and Everett every single day. She brought me breakfast every single morning I stayed at their house. My Mother was always there for me. She took care of me and fed me during those dark months. She knows me and she knows I hide my pain well and she knows I'm stubborn and she continues to love me, help me, and encourage me. She eased my pregnancy pains the last few months. And after a few days of Everett being gone, while we were at the hospital and settling in with the new baby, he came home and I loved it but getting through an entire day felt almost impossible on my own with a new baby and him. I was in tears at the end of one day when Darby was about a week old. I broke down and called my mom. I felt so dumb. She had raised all three of her kids (all 18 months apart) by herself and I felt like I couldn't even handle two, 3.5 years apart. She genuinely explained to me that she understood, felt for my situation, and wanted to pick up Everett first thing that morning. She relived me from the worries that I was too weak and, holy cow, that meant so much to me during that time.
I never would have imagined that after all the days of yelling at each other(not that those are over hehe)she still has love for me.
Thank you for teaching me so many important things in life Mom. OK… one of those important things was how to make Thanksgiving pie, from scratch(particularly pumpkin cheese cake). I'm so thankful for pie this year, like every year, but before that, I'm thankful for the person who taught me, so well, to make it.
May your day be filled with love and gratitude.

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

You're Bitter-Sweet, Ten Months

Darby's 10 month birthday is here and I can't believe her first birthday is just around the corner! She's constantly learning and accomplishing new things! So I made a little list of a few new things she's been up to this last month. 
She's just gotten her second tooth.
She stands on her own without even seeming to notice. 
She laughs and squeals at everything that makes her happy, which is almost everything. 
She's bashful and hangs her head with a smirk to show you. 
She loves water enough to constantly try to get into the toilet water, when no one's looking. 
She literally gets into everything though. In fact, here she is now!:
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She makes many jokes and laughs hysterically at them. 
She dances to everything. Here's a little video of her booty shakn'(below).

She cries when I don't offer her some of what I'm eating.
She says bye-bye(baa-baa), Dada, Everett(eh-bah), All done(ah-dah), and dog(dah).
She's getting to that age where she begins to become so independent that you have to scoop her up from whatever she's doing sometimes in order to get enough of her cuddles. And she's just going to become more independent from here. I think the word bitter-sweet was discovered by a mother for times like these.

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Top Cold Remedies for Babies

It's cold season so I thought I'd share a few of my personal favorite remedies for babies that don't include drugs or store bought medicines. Hope this is helpful, and I'd love to hear yours!

You'll have to make sure yours is safe for baby's skin and the rub isn't made from petroleum, like most big brands.

There are so many essential oils I want to list here but I tried to condense to just my most used. Use Lemon Oil to rub on the bottom of babies feet, orange oil works well too. Make sure your oils are pure(not the cheap kind) or it could burn your babies skin.

If your baby has a bad cough this is the best stuff ever! Just rub one drop on their chest and it works for a couple hours!

Warm drinks are great for colds. Of course make sure they're nice and cooled off for baby. Make some Herbal tea and make sure all the herbs are ok for baby. You can go to your local tea shop and have them make a safe blend for you if you're not sure. You can also make some homemade broth for a little extra nutrients while they're trying to fight their cold. Make sure you use High quality products when making it(the store bought kind isn't that great for them).

This is my favorite oil when it comes to colds. Not only is it one of my favorite smells but it works so well! If you breast feed rub a little on your chest so it opens your babies sinuses and they can nurse much easier! You can also use this in an oil burner or defuser.

Use this just like the Eucalyptus. Also a very great oil for colds!

These are great to use next to your babies crib at night. Put your oil of choice and some water in and your baby will be able to sleep and breath much easier. You can also turn on a hot shower, with the bathroom door shut and put an oil in the water. The warm vapor and oil will do wonders for them!

I've saved the weirdest products for last. If you've used coconut kefir before this won't be so weird for you. You can easily make your own coconut kefir too. Give them just a 1 tea.-1Tbs per day(depending how much your baby is used to it). It's full of probiotics(which is my number one personal way to get over sicknesses) and lots of other great nutrients!

I make my own cultured vegetables because it's SO easy. You can give them the cultured vegetables themselves or just let them sip on the juice. I'd choose this over the kefir but the taste isn't that appealing for babies(it tastes almost like pickle juice).

10. Peppermint & Lavender
Two more oils I decided to mention. Peppermint's great for breathing, headaches, and fever. Lavender's amazing for headaches, nausea, and insomnia.

So how about you? Do you have any personal cold remedies for babies? I'd love to hear from you!

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Christmas Lists!

Every year I like to make lists for at least the kiddos, mostly because I have fun making them. Here are just a few ideas of amazingly adorable things that are out there, and maybe these ideas will help you, if there's a certain someone out there you're struggling to shop for! Merry Early Christmas!  xo -Liz

1. dress 2. books(I already have Heidi in this set and it's gorgeous!) 3.banner 4.toy shelf 5.pjs 6.shirt 7.sweater 8.swing 9.sandles 10.leggings 

1.backpack 2.flash cards 3.floor puzzle 5.pjs 6.leggo set 7. plain white tees 8.boxers 9. video game 10.motorcycle style trousers charge kit controller 3.button-up 4.jeans 5.hikers 6.shirt 7.destinty 8.halo V 9.pants 10.Halo
1.records 2.shirt 3.tote 4.pillow 5.copper cup 6.print mug 9.bed sheet set 10.WARM sleeping bag

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Warning: Graphic Photos(Our Halloween)

On Halloween we had a late start to the evening after cooking dinner, eating, and changing into costumes. We started at the school my aunt teaches to join their "Trunk or Treat" where my Grandpa was giving candy, as well, out of the trunk of his 1953 Ford. The had lots of games, treats, food, and fun! We then stopped by my other aunts for some of her homemade popcorn balls and then headed to my parents. Everett was totally inthralled in handing candy out there more than anything else. He said that he would rather do that than trick or treat. He sat on the porch all by himself on the edge of his chair ready to jump up at the sight of another trick or treater. We eventually made it to my grandma Kenna's so she could see the kid's costumes and we hung out there the rest of the evening while Everett and two of his cousins handed out more candy.

On Saturday we threw our third annual Halloween party and holy cow, it was a blast! We have a costume contest every year to encourage people to dress up and everyone did a fabulous job! Everett knocked it up a notch for the contest and dressed as his Grandpa. I loved all the Halloween themed treats that everyone made too. It was so fun, I already can't wait for our next one! 

Saturday, November 1, 2014

The One Where I Talk About Dreams

(Pictures from our night in the desert last week)

You may love your life, that's really up to you.
If you do love your life, even try to live it to its fullest, there's still always turning points. Yep, of course, we all have turning points… realizations. You'll just be living your life one day and say, "Hey, I don't want to do this anymore, why am I living like this? I want something different." or maybe you've just gotten through something rough(sometimes it's that, that makes us realize it the most) and you have to take a step back to remember how to live life the way you want to. You have to choose which way you're going to go. Are you going to stay on your current path and let everything else run your life? Or are you going to be a little braver and take a step in the direction you've always wanted to try? There's usually a lot more risk or sacrifice if you change your life's direction. Maybe you're feeling you have a duty to stay where you are or the ones around you will take a toll. But you'll probably discovered if you just give it a try, the people around you will cope much easier than what you worried.

I had this dream a few nights ago that I was going down a road, the same old road I drive to take Everett to pre-school, two days a week. But in my dream I turned down a road I've never gone down before. At the end of the road were things I never imagined would be there. There were amazing people, fun people, people who taught me things. There were farms and a way of living I've never seen before. I spent way too much time hanging out down that road just enjoying and breathing everything in as much as possible. I felt like I was even getting on a few peoples nerves from hanging around so much, but I didn't even really mind that. I was just glad I had made the choice, taken the chance, to go down a road I had never gone before. The scale of the things I experienced, changing my route a little, far out weighed any fears I had. 
I drive my husband crazy when I talk about symbolism in my dreams or look to deeply into them, but I really believe that my dream was telling me something serious. To take the chance. Mix life up a little. Experience a little more of the unordinary. Add a little of something you've always wanted to try, or just something different. You may find a new love.
Maybe it's just the changing season, but I've been inspired to change things up a bit. And I challenge you to do the same this season. The best of luck on your new adventure! 
xo -Liz