Friday, December 31, 2010

The Year in Pictures

A picture for every month...
I'm posting a picture from every month of the year, excluding Jan. and Feb(cuz I was deathly ill with morning sickness). So without further a due here's my year in review:

MARCH: Slowly recovering from morning sickness(the only downer during this last year).
A cake my sister-in-law made... So Cute!!!

APRIL: Dressed the dog up for Easter, just before heading to Grandma's for Easter lunch!

MAY: Began being able to get out a little more to do fun stuff like HIKING with my dog and hubby!

JUNE: Got my new camera!!! And LOVE taking pictures with it!

JULY: Spent most of the summer swimming and yoga getting ready to give birth lol and LOVED it!

AUGUST: Our precious gift came into this world.

SEPTEMBER: My lovely niece Shyla Rose came!

OCTOBER: Carved a pumpkin after Everett's "sleeping" face.

NOVEMBER: Put up Everett's first Christmas tree he ever did see. He LOVED it!

DECEMBER: Enjoyed Everett's first Christmas with him. Love him SO much!

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