Thursday, February 17, 2011

Things a happen'

A lot has been going on around here, so I haven't been able to take time to blog unfortunately. We're all getting ready for my oldest brother and his wife to come vistit us. Since we have so many people living here we have to clean out the extra room for them to use. That consists of taking apart the crib, putting it up in our room, getting My sister and Brother-in-law's bed out of storage so we can move there current one into the spare room, and taking the tv & x-box down to the basement. But anyways, I'm SUPER excited to see them!
Also, we had a Norwex party the other day here. I didn't know much about it and none of it seemed super amazing to me, but after I saw all of the demonstrations and stuff I was instantly bought! There were samples that were passed around of all the chemicals used in Tide compared to their laundry detergent... OH MY GOSH! I can't even believe that I was using stuff like that to wash all my baby's clothes and blankets. It's no wonder now why he always acts like he's allergic to it all :(
Plus the micro fiber cloths all have silver in them to keep them anti-bacterial. They work great, and everything's environmentally friendly!

Another thing thats been interesting lately is all of baby's faces and noises he's been making! Oh MY GOODNESS it's so entertaining! He's been making the clicking noise with his tongue like I make when he "rides the horsey" It's so cute. He's also been sticking his tongue way out. Of course he doesn't do it as well once I get the camera out, but it's still super cute!

Anyway, I hope everyone has an exciting week XOXO

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