Thursday, March 21, 2013

More Things

pretty clouds and my cool dude
I think I might start a habit of randomly writing random things on here, it's my favorite thing to write about!
Just a quick note: A lot of people here, locally, have heard about the gas explosion in town. And I keep hearing more, and more little bits of the story. I saw the black billows as I was headed home, leaving my sister-in-Law's, and then saw the giant flames as I was directed through a back road. It was a pretty terrible incident. Our friends, Aaron and Corey, lived in the second house that caught on fire. Everything of theirs was demolished, but I'm especially thankful that no one's life was taken.

On a more positive note, my Dad showed me this short film/documentary last night and it really gives me an itch to get out and start filming a few things and hopefully have an adventure along the way :)

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