Monday, August 26, 2013

Everett Turns 3!

For Everett's third birthday party we had a carnival themed party. We had carnival games, corn dogs, face painting, and pies. Last year Everett cried while we sang the Happy Birthday song, but this year he enjoyed being sung to throughly! There was a lot more stress that came with getting the party started than what I was anticipating like not being able to cook the food very fast, forgetting to put out some decorations, and not being able to find my camera's memory card(thus the phone pictures and stolen ones from my mom's camera). But over all I think it turned out pretty good mostly because of the help from friends and family! 

P.S. we had an outdoor movie planned too, but because of things getting started late and not being able to get the sound to work the movie was started just about in time for little ones to head home for bed. We still enjoyed it anyway! and hope to do another one too before the weather gets cold!

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  1. This is such a neat page. I am glad to get this glimpse into Everett's birthday party! Now all the photos DID open. Not sure why I couldn't see them all earlier.

    I am glad Everett seemed to have fun at the party! He is such a darling little boy ... and great grandson.

    Love, Gramps & Grammy