Saturday, September 7, 2013

Couldn't Wait!

image by ebiocic_2500
image, a photo by ebiocic_2500 on Flickr.
Between Burthday's and weddings, I've had NO TIME to post our gender reveal party photos. So while I'm sitting here waiting with Mr. Ring Bearer(Everett), I decided to try and blog our revealed news from my phone and... It's a girl!!!


  1. so happy for you..... somehow I just knew it was a girl..........congratulations

    1. OOps I didn't put who the last comment was from... Luv u lots and congratulations on the girl.. gramma Smak

  2. We are soooo excited! Both girls and boys are amazing ... but it really is fun to get to experience being parents (and grandparents and great grandparents) of both since they have such cute differences!

    Love ya all... Grammy

  3. P.S. The cake looks yummy, too! So sorry we had to miss it! Grammy

  4. I told them they had to keep the McManus tradition of boy then a girl. ( : No matter what it is this baby will be surrounded with many hugs and kisses. cybiocic