Wednesday, October 2, 2013

A Few Photo's from the Last Few Months

Since I was sick for a few months, I didn't keep up on the few photos I shot during that time through now. So here's a few photo's from my phone from the last few months... trying to play catch up.

catching a ball for the first time!

BeeKeepers trying to save the honey bees in our car port

They estimated 4,000 of them after only a couple days or less of building

First time in the theater

The Great Sand Dunes

Giving his great, GREAT grandpa a hug

horse head

story time

coming back to see my yard for the first time in quite a while, looking like a jungle

the first two days after no medication and nausea!!!

crazy haired boy

about 18 weeks

helping make his birthday pies

putting stars on them

birthday breakfast(he only ever wants "rainbow pancakes" now)

the sunshine in my life

about 20 weeks(halfway through)

cousins helping Everett want to take a picture of his ring bearer outfit

second hair cut... he asks for them too often :(

independent rock hike

little spider on the wall


  1. I just saw these photos. They are wonderful! I had to save so many of them among our photos!

    Thanks for doing this, Liz. Sometimes I read it late, but I love it!!!!

    1. Oops, I forgot to say that was from Grammy.