Saturday, January 24, 2015

Little Dear

We celebrated our little gals first birthday with cake, pizza, fun, friends, and family. The day we celebrated was also my cousins, husbands actual birthday so we had to embarrass him a tiny bit. There were so many people that had a hand in Darby's party, she's one lucky girl! The cake and cupcakes were by Custom Cakes by LaRae and the decorated sugar cookies were by Sweet Kiwi Cookies etc. The teepee and ginger Deer cookies were made by my talented sister!

Thank you to those who came and made it so much fun! xo -Liz


  1. I think her favorite toy was the poddy lol! Fun fun fun party Liz. That picture of Thomas pretty much sums him up today. He has been so obsessed with stuffed animals and he stairs at people. He smiled at one guy today and the guy didn't even notice. Not a single smile what so ever ant any of the old ladies lol

  2. It was a wonderful party! I am so glad we could go. The kids were so cute! You really know how to do every detail of a terrific party!

    I sent you some photos on FB, and have a disc to send you. I wish I would have taken more of you and of all your family, though.

    Love you all lots, Grammy

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