Thursday, July 14, 2011

Summertime Goals...

A few things I want to do this summer:
Get a remote for my camera, (so I can take better pictures, esp. of myself).
Shoot a gun, (so I can feel bad-ass).
Mama & Baby Yoga, (so I can get a workout while hanging out with the little bear).
Find a place to move, (so we can actually use some of my junk and spread out to more than one room).
Go canoeing, (so I can enjoy some of this short, lovely summer).
Have WAY more Girls Night's (So I can enjoy more time with my lovely friends).

I like to set goals, because it feels so good when I actually accomplish them. I'd really like to hear what some of your summertime goals are. Link up below! xo


  1. I shot a gun a couple months ago...It was a little baby gun, but it still counts! lol ;)