Monday, November 5, 2012

Life, According to iphone photos

I'm playing a little bit of catch up, since I'm obviously a behind on sharing life lately according to phone pictures. I won't bombarded this post with everything at once, but here's quite a few to get started(look below for descriptions).

Sushi date, trying out the hiking stroller, taking his turn with the headphones, cousin Elijah's Birthday, a sick baby sneakily crawled into bed to sleep with mama, bee's wax modeling clay, a slide in their house, orange feathers, my Dad saving me, shooting a roof top music video, trying to spell a word, arm wrestling during breakfast, jet powered school bus, a helicopter jet, air show fun, scarfing down some Hot Tomato Pizza, enjoying cousin Shyla's birthday cookies, gettin my hair did, talking on his phone to his cousin, We Heart Beets, corn field photoshoot, Gamma Woxy's Birthday, hiding in the cabinets, first hay rack ride, mocha brownie trance, grape picking, grape muncher, Happy birthday to my amazing dad, frozen yogurt love, smiling over the second hunger games book!, me and my sissy, my niece!!!

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