Saturday, November 3, 2012

Hallow's Eve

I about died with all the cuteness this Halloween. There were so many extremely cute and brilliant costumes we saw this year. Last year we went Down Town to some shops to trick 'r treat, so this was the first year we actually went to strangers doors. It was incredibley cute to watch the little ones run up to each door and stand there waiting with smiles and open candy bags prepared for another treat. Everett had a blast. 
The day before Halloween, we had a little Halloween party with lots of games, soup, sweets, and a bon fire. Sadly, the camera stayed home both nights, but I happened to catch a few with my phone.

A homemade wolf (Wild Things) costume finished by Antie Brenna

Making part of David's and my Halloween Party costumes

The Little bad wolf and little Red Ridding Hood

Peeta and Catniss

Bon fire and Crazy Cat Lady

Halloween Night

Tuckered out after a long night, but still smiling!

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