Friday, December 21, 2012

Currently(and Sandy Hook Incident)

Ugly sweater day=almost every day

loving... Christmas everywhere. This season's so cheery don't you think? Even though it does come with some stressful parts.

Reading… Just finished That One Time With Julia that I got from my cousin as an early Christmas gift and now. I'm on to finally reading The Help. I hate reading books after I've already seen the movie, but it was such a good story, maybe it will still be worth it.

Obsessing Over… Getting every thing done in time for Christmas! I know I'll make it, but with a ton of birthdays in the mix it's feeling a little too overwhelming. When are people going to stop having babies in December?!! hah

Thinking about… A lot. Life in general is the best way I can describe it, even though it's way too vague. I love how much I'm still learning about life and constantly trying to better it.

Watching... I've been slowly working my way through The Office seasons all over again. It's one of the best shows(it comes close to Parks and Rec). I'm currently on season 7 when Michael proposes to Holly!

Anticipating… Christmas! Of course.

Wishing... That things like the Sandy Hook incident would never happen. I know a lot of you, including myself, might be wondering, "If there really is a god out there, why would he let such a horrific thing happen?" But we have to remind ourselves that God is the one who gave us free will. He didn't create us like robots, to roam the planet. He gave us the free will to follow him or not. To learn from our mistakes and suffer. I'm not trying to justify what happened what soever, but we need to quit suddenly blaming the one who gave us the freedom. That's like telling a parent that it was their fault bad things started happening when they give you more free will, because you made the wrong decisions with it...

Listening to...

Eating... A green smoothie... preparing for all the amazing Birthday's and Christmas foods I'm about to partake in this week!

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