Saturday, December 1, 2012

life lately according to iPhone photo's

I'm pretty excited for today, it's one of those Holiday traditions that happen once s year. We're having our annual parade of lights down town and I think I might be more excited than Everett for him to see all the lit up floats and have candy thrown at us. Hope you guys are enjoying some great holiday traditions as well, and Happy First of December! 
Here are a few photos of life lately from my phone.

On my grandparents wall, Moon rise in UT, Black & Orange breakfast on Halloween, Woke up to Everett taking care of Mr. Elephant's breakfast with Lara bars and fruit cups, salted caramel ice cream, painting an ornament, Shyla painting hers, visiting Smokey at the capital Christmas tree, his face during the automatic car wash, Orange eyes, tree hugger & wall climber, couldn't say no to this shirt, showing me her Thanksgiving olive fingers, thankful for some family that loves veggies as much as I do on Thanksgiving, topping off the tree, My DIY Christmas banner, our chilly bike ride, my dad scaling trees while we throw rocks at the water.

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