Monday, February 25, 2013


Postponing everything to work and play outside

loving... This spring weather. I'm going to brag a lot and say we've been having pretty amazing weather here lately. In fact, yesterday it snowed most of the day and decided to go sledding in decent temperatures. While today, the snow has disappeared in town and I'm wearing a t-shirt, soaking up the sun. Our temperatures are supposed to get up into the fifties by this weekend. I'm not gonna lie, I've been pretty over this fridged weather for a long time now, so I'm in a pretty happy place right now. I've been working out in the yard during every nice day we've had so far and I still have a long way to go, but I'm really happy with how much I've dug up, broken down, pulled, raked, shoveled, and trimmed!

Thinking about…  So many things at once! But I'll just choose one topic for now. One of my favorite childhood friends is headed off to New Zealand for quite a while, and I had to say good-bye to her last night. It's always so sad to see someone you love leave, but I'm SO HAPPY for her that she gets to go experience something so cool! I can't wait for her to come back with all her cool stories to share!

Watching... I found the Friends seasons three for the price of one. So I've been watching them a little every evening. It's my guilty pleasure show for sure.

Wishing... That Fruits and Vegetables were just plain.. well fruits and vegetables. I'm so tired of hearing about all these bad things we do to them. A normal, organic, Non-genetically altered food has to be labeled with all this information just to tell you it's a normal plant that was never messed with. I know it's all more "efficient" to change them, but really, I'm ready to just buy a food and it be just plainly a normal whole food.

Listening to… Liam Finn

eating... Roasted beets, cucumbers, spinach, and my homemade mustered/balsamic dressing... Tastes so much better than it sounds.

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