Tuesday, November 19, 2013

12 Days of Christmas(My Wish List)

It's a little early here, but I like to TRY to start my Christmas shopping early anyway. So here's 12 items I'm wishing for this Christmas:

1. White Converse 2. National Parks Print 3. Vinyl 4. Tea Sub 5. Every new mom likes to get something they NEED for their baby so I added Cloth Diapers. 6. Canon Remote 7. Monopoly Mug
8. Big Pullover Sweaters and Leggings, I'm loving and needing this pregnancy. 9. record player
10. Navajo Tapestry 11. Mini Pie Maker 12. Patterned Socks
What's on your wish list?
P.S. hopefully I'll be back with the little dudes list soon!

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