Wednesday, November 20, 2013

a few more

A few more random photos of life lately. Have I mentioned yet how extremely thankful I am that life is back to normal after being sick for so long? It's amazing. I caught the flu for a short 12 hours and it felt like nothing. Hooray for normalcy!

at 30 weeks

annual grape picking

a new friend

sister moving like crazy

dancing to dance lights in the store

two firemen

miniature cart+miniature shopper=too cute


a bucket full of green tomatoes and a few other snacks picked


  1. I just love the photos, Liz! You answered my question about how you have been feeling, too. I am glad to get some Christmas ideas from you, too.

    I always print this page with the photos.

    Love you ... see you soon! Grammy

  2. Great photos!
    I love the Halloween costume.
    You have a lovely family, miss Lizzy!