Friday, April 11, 2014

Darby's Birth Story

I have posted here Everett's birth story, but I'll just fill in the big differences between the births for you. If you've been keeping up with this blog you know that Darby was a breech baby. I tried literally everything in the books to get her to flip, but I eventually gave in to the not so pleasant ECV. Although it was much better than having to plan for a c-section. After the ECV came most of the pain though. I had contractions and cramps that were so strong and painful over the next two weeks, so when real labor finally began I didn't even notice the difference for a while. It was about one am, on January 25th, after tossing and turning when I finally decided to time my contractions. After that, I knew it was real. I got out of bed and started packing our bags and called my sister so she could stay the night over to be with Everett. I let my husband sleep as long as possible, because I think the whole birthing experience is  almost harder on him than me. I took a warm bath, woke David up, finished packing and headed out the door. We drove around for about 20 minutes before I decided we should head into the hospital. We got in and just as I had predicted my contractions lessened.
 I never experienced nausea while in labor with Everett, but I did this time around. I never threw up, luckily, but it didn't help that the our shared bathroom was filled with the sounds of a very nauseous laborer.
We walked into our permanent laboring room and all I wanted to do was lay down, but my back labor was so intense, it didn't help me much. My midwife suggested I get on my hands and knees and have David press on my lower back during contractions. That helped a lot, but pretty soon I was pushing and pushing while David stood at the head of my bed as I tried breaking the bones in his hand squeezing so tight, poor guy. As I labored I whispered under my breath, "By His Grace," over and over and thought of the pain that Jesus suffered on the cross. It helped me so much to focus on what I needed and I was so thankful for his grace to pick me up when I was at my weakest.
My husband didn't see anything with Everett's birth until the baby was out, but he couldn't help but look when Darby's head came out and the midwife squealed with delight at her dark hair. It was unlike the bald head, that we were expecting and I can only imagine in my mind what David saw when he was one of the first ones to peer at that beautiful round face.
At 6:30am they laid her on my chest and I couldn't help but notice how much she resembled a round ball, which was partially why we decided on her middle name, Margo, which means "Pearl". The nursing and recovery process was much better this time around. She is a completely natural nurser from the beginning. And, I believe, my recovery process was much shorter because of my first being so much larger. I had prayed for a smaller baby(but not too small) and I got the perfect, healthy sized baby girl!
I went through too much emotional worry during the weeks I was trying to get her flipped, I decided to give it all up into the hands of the Lord because he knew what was best, even what I needed to go though, to have the best birth. It prepared me for ANYTHING to happen along the way and to help me to let go of what I couldn't control and I'm so thankful for that.

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