Monday, April 21, 2014

Eastering, and of course some babes

Our Easter was so, so busy but of course incredibly fun. The kiddos were worn out way before their normal bed time. The kids learned a little about what Easter is at my Grandma's that morning and then got into their Easter goodies while we set up for lunch. We ate a huge, wonderful meal, and then ate some more. We found eggs, enjoyed all the kiddos and of course took tons of photos. We met up and hung out with David's parents after that and then headed straight to church for a great Easter service where David played drums. Hope your Easter was wonderful as well!
I just heard news that David's sister just had her tiny baby girl today(Monday) and I'm so, so excited to meet her. I can't believe she's finally here for all of us to enjoy! Congratulations guys!!!


  1. These are such wonderful photos! I wish I could figure out how to save/print them larger. When I print the whole blog, they are small. I sure am missing you all. Love you so much, Grammy ... and Gramps, too

  2. Liz, I think I was able to save them so I can print them larger after I made that comment. :-) Love them!