Tuesday, May 6, 2014


Taking from the popular Woman Crush Wednesday, I'm going to share a couple of my WCW's. And I'll be back next week with two more! Hope you enjoy getting to know a smidgen about these ladies.


 What keeps you feeling your best? Lately, just getting ready. Being a new mom you can usually find me in my day (or two) old yoga pants and my hair a little frazzled and probably thrown up in a bun with no makeup. Taking the time to shower, put on mascara, and curl my hair makes me feel so good. It even makes me feel like I have more energy which is kinda strange, I think, but it totally does. Just taking a little time for myself helps me feel good. 

 What would be your number one health and wellness advice? Being healthy and active doesn't have to be something to dread. For me, I don't like going to the gym. There is too many people and I don't really want them to watch me, so I like to do things like hiking with my husband or even just walking outside. Being outside makes it feel like it's not work. The warm sun, breeze, and fresh air make it so much more peaceful. Plus, the view is much prettier than treadmills Loving something will make you want to do it more rather than feeling like you HAVE to. 

 What are some of your current goals? It has always been my dream to be a stay at home mom. With our current finances though we just couldn't afford it. I've been praying and asking The Lord to provide a way if it is His will for me. I recently became a Beauti Control consultant and I am really excited for the opportunity to be able to make money and possibly stay home with my sweet little boy! Along with that, I am trying to be more of a Proverbs 31 woman and make more personal time with God. Life gets busy and I put other things where I should be making time for God. Even laundry some days. I am trying to find that perfect balance with work, being a wife & mother, family, cleaning, and God. 

 How do you unwind after a long day? The best thing after a long day is plopping down on the couch with a movie or on the patio next to our fire pit and just talking with my husband. We talk and laugh and everything is right, even when it's not. 

 Something unusual you do? I have to have the same about of silverware in each little compartment of my dishwasher. I don't know why, but it really bothers me if there is a ton in one and then a few in the others. So when I'm loading them I put one spoon or fork in at a time and then go to the next compartment. I know. I'm weird. My husband thinks so too. 

 Favorite piece of jewelry and why? I have this blue and green necklace that i always wear. I think it's my favorite because it's bright and it goes with a lot of my clothes. I wear a lot of neutral colors. And since it's blue it makes my eyes look bluer than normal.

 In the un-cheesiest way possible, describe what makes life awesome to you? I know the question said in the un-cheesiest way possible, but seriously having a husband that is truly my best friend. I can be goofy with him and be totally, completely myself. He makes me so happy and he helped give me a beautiful baby boy. Life really is just awesome. I've always wanted to be a wife and a mother and now I am and it's absolutely perfect. 

 What is your personal go-to meal recently? Chicken Chimichangas. They are my husbands favorite and super easy! There is only like 5 ingredients that you basically just throw together. The hardest part is waiting the 30 minutes while they bake! And they are super yummy! 

What's something in your closet you can never have enough of? Short sleeved, neutral, comfy shirts. They go with everything and you can always add a necklace, jacket, or scarf to add some color and uniqueness. And plus they are comfy!

 Something manly you can or know how to do that most women don't/can't? I hunt. Yep, I trek around in camo with a gun on my shoulder and try to find whatever I'm hunting. Usually elk or deer. I love it! And if you get something you can stock up the freezer without ever having to go to the store for steaks, hamburger, ect. 

 Last thing that made you feel happy? My little Liam. Everything he does just makes my heart smile. Being a mom is the most amazing thing. 


 Name something that makes you feel great/empowered. If you can, describe why and how it makes you feel. Accomplishing everything on my “to-do” list. It rarely happens because I tend to procrastinate, but it’s a freeing feeling to finish all of my tasks. 

 What is your favorite thing to do around the house and describe why you like it? If I had my way, I would turn my walls into a giant sketchpad/art gallery/storyboard. Interior decorating is a fun artistic expression that I enjoy, but rarely have enough time or space to do everything I want. 

 What keeps you feeling your best? I go on walks in the morning before work. It helps me to spend time with God and enjoy the rich mountain landscape around me. 

 What's your most recent album purchase? Music by husband and wife duo, Jenny & Tyler.

 What kind of things do you do to pick yourself up when you're at your lowest? Make a list of things for which I’m grateful; when I’m at my lowest, this is the last thing I want to do, but it’s what gets me out of my self-pitying funk. 

 What would be your number one health and wellness advice? Eat well, exercise, and practice gratitude. I regularly fail at all three, but they help tremendously. 

 What are some of your current goals? Finish a painting series; write a book; travel to Asia....I can write my long-term goals, right? 

 How do you unwind after a long day? Movies, Facebook, and a good book. 

 In the un-cheesiest way possible, describe what makes life awesome to you? I like cheese. Seriously, though, I love creating things and making beauty from the mundane. Some of the most fulfilling things for me to do are painting, writing, photography, crocheting, etc. 

 What is your personal go-to meal recently? A mushroom-turkey sandwich. 

 What's a challenging obstacle in your life right now? Learning how to hear and obey God, and trying to figure out which direction He is leading. 

 What is something general you'd like to accomplish before you die? Lead a celebrity to Christ. 

 If you ever had to just get away from it all, spur if the moment, where would you go? With money being no object, I would visit a good friend in Scotland. 

 What's something in your closet you can never have enough of? Scarves. It’s a dangerous addiction.

 Something manly you can or know how to do that most women don't/can't? Put snow chains on my car!  

 Last thing that made you feel happy? Spending a beautiful day with friends. 

 What song lyric, quote, or verse is currently inspiring you? “May God be your strongest desire, your sweetest friend, and your truest romance.”

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