Wednesday, May 14, 2014

WCW #2

Last week I shared a couple of my Women Crush Wednesdays, and now I'm back with two more! I love these lovely ladies and hope you can get a glimpse at their awesomeness  too.

What is your favorite thing to do around the house, and describe why you like it? Hmm, Well, given he way my house is pretty messy with remodel/moving stuff, it's hard to enjoy decorating. I am more limited to my room. I like to change things around and re-organize things. I'm not a huge baker ( I want to start more), but I do I enjoy baking! Healthy cookies is a favorite of mine.

 What keeps you feeling your best? What keeps me feeling my best? I'd say when I gt out and accomplish things on my to-do-list for the day, keeping up with my friends, and exercising!

 What's your most recent album purchase? Hmm, gosh, I can't even remember the last physical album I bought, but my last purchase on iTunes was "I'm gonna be (500 miles) cover by Blake Stratton. It's really different from the original, I recommend it!

 What kind of things do you do to pick yourself up when you're at your lowest? If it's nice out, I'll sit out in the sun, or listen to music, and read my Bible.

  What would be your number one health and wellness advice? Drink lots of water! Can't emphasize that enough. I think moderation is key to everything you eat. Of course, cutting down on sweets is always good, but I think you should eat a serving of chocolate after every meal, or before meals, or during meals...Mmm chocolate...Wait, what was I saying?

  What are some of your current goals? Current goals I'm wanting to get back into really good shape. (Especially coming back from New Zealand and YWAM food. ) haha Another goal would be to get better at the guitar. I learned a little while on my DTS, and I hope to keep at it. I'm not sure what I want to do at the moment. I'm enjoying my job, but in the long run, I'd love to be involved in ministry of some kind..and of course a good-looking man of God for a husband of course. haha I also try to get in some exercise more days. I use my stair stepper or my elliptical for at least 30-60 min. Whoops, I guess I missed the "number one" thing and went on a rant. haha

  How do you unwind after a long day? After a long day, I definitely need my chill/down time. I'll browse online, watch some T.V, and I usually have some painting project going on, so I'll work on that.

 Something unusual you do? haha gosh, I'm sure there are plenty of unusual things about me...I love eating Jalapeño stuffed green olives. Just give me a can of them and I'll be good. (is that unusual?) I am weird when it comes to buying certain things. Say I'm buying a water bottle, and I notice the first one I picked up has a little scratch on it, but the one behind it is perfect. I'll usually still get the first one because I feel bad for putting it back! haha (Water bottles have feelings, too!) Wow...

  In the un-cheesiest way possible, describe what makes life awesome to you? Un-cheesiest? I love cheese! Life is awesome when you have a great family, which I do, and I'm super thankful for! Wonderful friends, again, which I do and love them all dearly, and of course a Heavenly father who loves me no matter what.

  What is your personal go-to meal recently? Something quick that I'll eat for breakfast sometimes is a simple whole wheat tortilla wrap with cheese, (mmm, cheese!) lunch meat, jalapeño olives, (yeeaahh boy!) avocado and hot sauce.

 Name something that makes you feel great/empowered. If you can, describe why and how it makes you feel. When I get through a tough workout or something like that I guess...and work related, when I have a commissioned art piece to paint and the customer loves it. That always makes me feel good.

 What's a challenging obstacle in your life right now? I think the most challenging thing would be that I'm definitely in a place of waiting and trusting God with my future. It can be hard not knowing the next step in life, but He's been teaching me to focus on him and everything WILL work out! Jeremiah 29:11 14: Get married.

 If you ever had to just get away from it all, spur if the moment, where would you go? If money was no object, I'd hop on a flight back to New Zealand any day!

  What's something in your closet you can never have enough of? Summer dresses and leggings!

What usually gets your day going on the right track? Praying helps for sure.

  Last thing that made you feel happy? My fuzzy babies..aka my doggies. They are the cutest!

 What song lyric, quote, or verse is currently inspiring you? "The Call" by Regina Spektor has been stuck in my head lately. Love that song! I don't know if I could pin point a specific lyric, but rather the song as a whole.


 How do you unwind after a long day? After a long day I normally unwind by getting into some comfy clothes as soon as i get home, throwing my hair up in a bun, getting something to eat and watching some TV or a movie. I like to do something that I don’t have to think and just turn my mind off.

 What keeps you feeling your best? What keeps me feeling my best is probably making sure that I am reading the word, taking some time to pray, and spending time with people that are close to me. I def can feel a difference when I haven’t taken the time to dive into the word or just talk with God for a little bit. I def think spending time with people that I am close to helps me feel my best. I use to think that I was introverted and maybe I am half and half, but since living on my own I have noticed that I enjoy being around people more then I do staying home and being by myself. I still need my time to recharge and be by myself, but I also get recharged and feel better when I have someone to spend time with.

 What's your most recent album purchase?  I can’t even remember the last album I purchased. I rarely buy a whole album, I usually pick a few songs that I like and thats it. However the last album that was bought for me was ummm…One Direction’s new album….don’t judge me haha. It’s actually a pretty good album! I never use to like them and then I heard their new song “Story of my life” and well I got hooked. Other then that I really just use Spotify a lot. One of the albums that I just discovered actually is OneRepublic’s new album Native. I can’t believe I didn’t listen to it sooner. Maybe I just like bands that start with the word One I don’t know, but this album is sooo good!

 What would be your number one health and wellness advice? My number one health advice would probably be focus more on what you eat then trying to work out. Yes working out is important and should still be done, but I think what you eat, how much you eat, and put into your body is more important.

 What are some of your current goals? Some of my current goals are…1.) get more focused on God, I’ve allowed a few of my wants and desires to take a priority, so I just really want to shift my focus back…which is usually an ongoing process 2.) continue getting fit and healthy, which I finally feel like I’m getting the hang of, since getting out of college, "freshmen 15" is no joke 3.) develop meaningful and strong friendships, I’ve kinda had a hard time with that since moving to OK, 4.) getting myself involved in something like maybe a sport, craft, i don’t know, something to take up my time and maybe get out of my comfort zone a bit.

 Something unusual you do? Humm…well I guess this is unusual, but I think its pretty good idea…instead of wrapping my hair up in a towel when i get out of the shower I use old t-shirts. I started to do this years ago and I think the reason I started was because I didn’t have an extra towel to dry my hair off so I just grabbed a shirt..put my hair in the inside of the shirt and twisted it up. It works great!

 Favorite piece of jewelry and why? My purity ring and the ring my mom gave me when I graduated from college. My purity ring is my favorite well because it keeps me pure of course! just kidding... no its just a cool promise to myself and God that I’ll stay pure before marriage, but heck once I’m married…just kidding…. again…;) And the ring my mom gave me for graduating just means a lot because it came from my mama and my mama is my favorite and I love her lots!

 What's a challenging obstacle in your life right now? Probably my most challenging obstacle right now is trying to be patient and trusting. There are somethings I just wish I had right now, but I just need to trust in God’s timing and that is def a struggle.

What is your favorite thing to do around the house, and describe why you like it? My favorite thing to do around the house is probably clean my house. That sounds weird, but I love just turning up some music and getting my house all organized. I love when everything is clean and fresh. I usually let my house get pretty messy during the week, mostly my room though cause every time I try and figure out what I am going to wear it usually ends with clothes all over my floor and shoes everywhere and then I have to leave, so I can’t really pick everything up. I like when everything is clean, but also its just a time for me to think and clear my head and it gives me an excuse to dance around my house.

 What is something general you'd like to accomplish before you die? Probably to become more of a traveler. There are a lot of countries I want to visit and right now a lot of them have not been crossed off my someday list. I want to be able to at least cross off half of them before my life is up. There is something about experiencing new things and going to places I’ve never been to that I get a major thrill off of, so I for sure want to find a way to travel more.

 What's something in your closet you can never have enough of? Scarfs they can make anything look good!

What usually gets your day going on the right track? COFFEE!

 Last thing that made you feel happy?The last thing that made me feel happy was being able to buy a plane ticket to go to New Jersey at the end of May for a Wedding/Master’s Commission grad. I didn’t think I was going to be able to go, but then at the last minute someone decided to bless me and get the ticket for me. God’s been providing for me a lot this year and it has been blowing my mind…its crazy! 

 What song lyric, quote, or verse is currently inspiring you?“Delight yourself in the Lord and he will give you the desires of your heart” Psalms 37:4

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