Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easterly... Easter

 I hope everyone had a lovely Easter! I sure did... I was able to wear the dress I made just for Easter, and my sister wore a lovely dress she thrifted! It was a lovely day Easter morning, but then the weather turned strange after I took pictures of baby Everett in his ears, so the pictures are a little dark. It was actually raining when my sister and I took picture outside!

 This is a Coconut Key-lime pie I made. Pretty delicious, but of course looked nothing like the picture on this recipe I used.
 Baby Everett in his Easter outfit... He has a little war wound on the corner of his eye :(

 Hanging out with Grandma, one of his favorites!
 Some of the strange weather we were having... Not very cool after just watching The Day After Tomorrow, last night!

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