Friday, June 22, 2012


enjoying the weather and blue skies

Obsessing over... I know I mentioned earlier how I'm not a big mushy romance film lover, but the other night I saw Pretty Woman for the first time and I LOVED it! I don't know how I haven't seen it before! I know, there is a few cheesy romance parts, but it is now probably one of my favorite chick flicks. And now next, I'm moving on to some more oldie but goodie classic romance comedies I've never had the chance to see before like, an't Buy Me Love, and Pretty In Pink.
Working on... Curtains for the house and finishing up Everett's room.
Thinking about... How incredibly active Everett is. He jumps,and swings from everything and even somehow taught himself to summer salt just by being his active self one evening. I'm thinking that gymnastics might be a good answer for him.
Anticipating... A photoshoot with one of my best friends!
Listening to... Currently listening to the collision of the new Shelock Holmes movie and Cookie monster movie together while I'm typing this out. Musicly though, I can't really pinpoint an exact artist because its been so divers the last couple weeks.
Eating... Egg-in-the-middle bison burgers w/ potato wedges.
Wishing... a) that there weren't so many flying bugs sneaking into every crack of our house in the evenings, but it's probably worth it, being able to live so close to the river. b) that we could take more summer trips. I'm so ready to take one!

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