Thursday, June 14, 2012


Today, we enjoyed some much needed "fun time". My mom, SIL LaRae, and niece Shyla came along with us to Moon Farm and it was the funniest experiences. Moon Farm is a kid friendly farm with all sorts of animals and playhouses to explore. I used to go quite a bit when I was little, so it was pretty cool to take Everett. But everything is pretty much EXACTLY the same. It's so old, that everything has this creepy haunted feeling to it. I know the kids probably don't see it as much as me, but there were times when I was literally freaked out, but yet I already want to go back again. It's awesome yet creepy. It scares you, yet you want more. It's magical yet scary. I really don't know how else to explain it! I still do highly recommend taking your kids if you live near Grand Junction. We snuggled and kissed some baby bunnies and the kids got to see and experience a lot of things they never have before! Anyway, here are some photos from our little adventure.

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  1. Amazing photos again, Liz. I love the one of Lil Everett and Shyla hugging!

    I need your new address. But I may have to send your anniversary card to the old one as I didn't write your cell phone # down either.:-( E-mail me if you get a chance.

    Love ya so much, Grammy