Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Importance of Beauty

{Photo taken back in 2009}

The past few weeks, as you might have imagined, have been filled with running back and forth between places. Running errands for the new house and moving from one house to another. I can't even start to guess how many miles I've put on my car lately by running small emergency errands or taking little loads to the house. I feel like I've run that route enough to leave a small gully with my tires into the pavement. It's been exactly two months non-stop of it. I'm definitely not complaining though. Having a house and so much on my plate to keep me busy seven days a week is a lot to be thankful for. There's a big part of me though that is ready for a change from the back and forth, inner city routes. I feel like I'm well ready for a little scenery and fresh mountain air. Maybe it's just the summer that's getting me in this outdoorsy mood, but I do know that I'm definitely ready for a little break and a little road trip filled with hiking, camping, lakes, and whatever other summer adventures await!

Spending plenty of time outdoors during the years has always been pretty important to me, but when we get so caught up in a busy lifestyle, it's hard to stop and remember every once in a while to take some time and enjoy a little bit of the great outdoors. So, my hopes for this summer is that I can spend a little more time enjoying some beauty. No matter how little of importance it is, it's still important. So, I hope you, too, can take a little time out of your busy summer to enjoy a little beauty. xo -Liz


  1. So true, Liz. We are praying for the fires ... that all that beautiful scenery we enjoy is not destroyed, and for the people affected by it.

    Can't wait to see your house!!!!

    Love, Grammy ... and Gramps, too

  2. Come join us at Powderhorn!!! it is so cool, fresh air,Beautiful scenery, quiet,...We are waiting for you to join us so we can take a hike. Anyone else who want to join this week you are welcome to. CY Biocic