Friday, October 12, 2012

Falling in Love

Another little corny pun here, I know, but I always seem to fall in love with fall every year. There's just so many great "once a year" things that come with the season. I almost wish it was fall all year, but I guess that would take the magic away. Here are a few of my current fall faves!

1. print scarf 2. Waterfall Braid 3. Fall Heart Outfit 4. Keep Canning 5. Chevron Pumpkins 6. Lumberjack costume 7. Wreath 8. DIY plush apple 9. Apple Nachos 10. Outfits 11. Lentil Walnut Apple Loaf 12. Braided scarf tutorial 13. Roasted Tomato Soup 14. leaf assembly

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