Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Halloween Weekend!

We had such a fun weekend dressing up and stealing the little bears candy loot! Our friend Tim was hosting a halloween party where we went as Edward, Bella... *SPOILER ALERT* (post vampire) and their baby. There were SO many creative costumes that I didn't get pictures of, but one of our friends happened to dress up as the same couple, but Bella was pregnant (pre vampire) (I feel like such a nerd explaining all of it). They glued Robert Pattinson's head on a baby's body and put it under her shirt(pictured below). Ok, so I'm really not a die hard fan of Twilight, (even though I really enjoy watching the movies with my friends) we dressed up just for laughs.

The next day Down Town was hosting a Spooktacular for the kids with activities and lots of candy. The little bear went as Charlie Brown, my little niece went as super girl, and my nephew Isaiah and his friend went as ghosts. It was quite a zoo down there so we did A LOT of walking around. After that we went to David's family's church's Harvest Festival that my SIL Danelle and BIL Stephen helped put on. It was a ton of fun for the little kids. There was bean bag tossing, golfing, basketball, a black light maze, and the list goes on! (Oh, and Amazing apple cider).


  1. Amos went as retarded superman??? haha
    Shyla looks like Boo (from Monsters Inc.)
    And Everett looks freakishly close to Charlie Brown... lol

  2. Brenna, you make me laugh, and you guys are so cute, you did way more than I did.