Wednesday, January 2, 2013


 I know, "Wait, wasn't Christmas over a week ago?" yeah, I know, but for us, it ended not that long ago. We started our Christmas by spending Christmas Eve at my parents and unwrapping all the handmade amazingness that all my family spent so much time on! The next morning we traveled up to spend Christmas with David's family and eat a delicious Christmas morning breakfast.

After Christmas toy reorganizing and a day of snowboarding for David, we packed up and traveled all day to see some more of David's family in Wyoming. It was a long trip, but Everett did amazing. We saw lots of pretty scenery both ways, spent some time in the natural hot springs, and did some coyote hunting, but mostly stayed indoors visiting and trying to stay out of the frigid cold. I feel like a baby after complaining about our cold weather here in Colorado after visiting Wyoming!

The deer eating their daily dose of fruit peelings in front of the house in WY

We arrived back home late at night and rushed off to my brothers Birthday party the next morning and celebrated new years eve that night. We had our traditional New Year's Day potato pancakes at my Grandparents New Years Day. I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and New Year as well!

We had a little early Christmas Morning for Everett at our house too. I can't help, but adore the faces he makes after opening something!


  1. Hi Elizabeth,

    These photos are adorable ... as well as a bunch of cute ones we tagged for you from Wyoming. It sure was fun having you visit us!

    Love, Gramps and Grammy