Friday, January 25, 2013

Stuffed Heart Banner DIY

 I can't stop putting up different banners in this certain spot of my living room. I made a new one for valentines and it was extremely simple.
If you'd like to make your own, here's what you do:
grab some scrap felt or buy some colors you like at your local craft store(they should only be about 30 cents a square). Cut out a heart shape out of cardboard or thick paper. trace it onto a folded piece of felt.

Cut just outside the lines for a seam allowance. You might want to cut the crevice of the heart a little deeper.

sew it along the line. Make sure you leave a little opening, of course. Turn inside out, stuff, and hand sew the opening of each heart, just like a pillow.

Take two different colors of yarn and twist them together. I used about three yards of each color.

find the middle of your yarn strand and work out from there. Sew tightly around the middle top of the heart and the yarn. Space each one evenly apart- mine were 8 1/2 inches apart.

Once you finish them off, find a great hanging spot and you're done! A little time costuming, but super simple and totally worth it. Enjoy! xo -Liz

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