Wednesday, August 27, 2014

My 10 Random Facts you (probably) Don't Know About Me

You may have seen this going around the internet like I did. I decided to participate and write my own 10 random facts! I'm not tagging anyone because I want everyone to join who wants, but if you do, include a picture, write 10 facts, and tag whoever you want to join!

1. I ride motorcycles
I'm not the one that rides around on those loud cruisers. In fact I don't think I'm any sort of Clique rider. I really enjoy the vintage cafe racers and people who actually travel long distances putting their motors and bodies on the line. I rode a 1974 Honda Hawk EVERYWHERE when I first got my M-licence and went on a couple long distant trips with it. Then I bought a faster, more reliable, new Kawasaki when I was still single and had hardly any responsibilities. Although I obviously won't be riding again anytime soon, I'm making plans and having hopes for a long trip to the salt flats in the future.

2. I use Hallmark quotes 
I try to be genuine when I talk to people. It's probably the thing I consider most important when it comes to conversations and writing. But when I try to say what's on my mind or give important advice it usually comes out sounding like a Hallmark quote and I hate it so much!

3. I don't understand couples who can't agree/decide
When it comes to important decisions like naming our children or buying a house my husband and I always seem to agree. It's almost weird how often we agree on those kinds of things. We got really lucky!

4. I want to be a Chris McCandliss 
I should say "wanted", but I still do in a way. I always dreamed about "running away" and traveling around the way he did(if you don't know who I'm talking about read Into the Wild(it's good!) or watch the movie). Now I realize that a lot of people have done this before and Chis only became well know because, with all due respect, he was one of the only one that has actually killed himself doing it.

 5. I want to own my own Orchard
I've had a crazy obsession for YEARS to someday have my own orchard or farm and greenhouse. I would so love to work outside with plants the rest of my life!

6. I never played any team sports growing up
The extent of my physical competition growing up was track, and I loved it. I never played competitively until my Senior year of high school. That year I played every sport available to me and I loved it! Later I started tennis and my husband and I still like to play it every once in a great while!

7. I like to eat my ice cream with a fork 
When I get a container of REALLY good ice cream the best way I've found to enjoy it is eating it straight out of the container... with a fork. If you know me well, you've probably seen me do this.

8. My first job out of high school I was the only female in about eighty guys
I got a job doing exactly what I wanted a few weeks before graduating high school. I worked in a shop that made gondolas(ski lifts, mono rails etc.) as a CNC machinist. I loved it so much and all the people(guys) were great and loved the fact that a little girl was willing to push herself hard enough to work alongside them.

9. I have a phobia of dehydration
I've been to the Emergency Room three times in my life and every one of them was dehydration related. If you've ever visited because of that issue, you know the pain and discomfort I'm talking about. This has made me a HUGE weirdo about water. I always, always have water on me and whenever my kids ask for water, it will be in front of their face within a few seconds.

10. I strongly dislike movie theaters
There are numerous reasons why but the main one is, I can't sit in a chair like a normal person. Whenever I sit, I have to sit in certain positions or I have excruciating pain. If you've ever had a major tailbone injury, you know what I'm talking about. I was in a snowboarding accident eight years ago and  it still hasn't healed! Other reasons include the crazy price, the smell, too many people in a small room and the list goes on!

If you blog, I'd love to hear your 10 random facts, send me the link!


  1. I thought I was the only one to eat ice cream with a fork! Wtf why didn't I know that about you?! It makes it so light and airy. It reminds me of childhood and snow ice cream. Its strange how comforting a fork can be. Haha!