Saturday, September 20, 2014

And What A Week Its Beeeen!

What a week its been! David's been out of town for work, he's also had hunting, practicing, setting up and playing shows. He'll be out of town again all next week as well. So the kids have kept me so busy. Everett had his first day of preschool, Darby's been getting into every little thing she possibly can and constantly scavenges the floor for little goodies. She's also had more than her fill of spills this week and Everett decided to stuff a Lego up his nose between all of that. Motherhood keeps you on your toes, am I right?! But I'm so very thankful right now that we didn't have anything major to deal with in the end.

Everett seems to really like school. I never realized how much you have to prepare ahead of time for the school day(breakfasts, lunches, laundry)!!! Needless to say I personally enjoy the more laid back-no school days. But I'm glad he gets to go to school part time and has so much fun experiencing something new. He's growing up much too fast. 

P.S. How do all you other moms deal with the full time school? Having everything ready and being on time without being too stressed etc.?

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  1. It must be hard doing everything on your own while David is gone. You are in my prayers. I love reading your blogs and hearing your news. It is sort of like visiting. Love you lots, Grammy