Saturday, September 20, 2014

Everett's Post

 I love to look back on all the special moments and memories from when I take time to journal. I've been tryjng to write a lot more lately and one night Everett curled up next to me in his pajamas very curiouse about it. I read to him from when I was pregnant with him and the things I said to him before he was even born. Then I scanned along and read things to him about when he was a baby and the stuff I wanted to tell him then and the things I wanted to treasure and remember about him forever. He loved it so much. He asked if he could write something special in my journal as well. I did the writing for him while he told me exactly what to write down. He had so much fun doing it and loved to read it back to me just like he had written it a long time ago for me. I might let him write posts regularly here if he wants to, but so far writting together has been a lot of fun. Here's his little post straight from his heart. And just for reference the spider-man water bottle he talks about is a special one he got to pick out for school the other day during our shopping trip.

I love papa Jason, Gramma Roxy, Gramps, and Grammy. I love sister, Dada, Mama, and my dog! Probably I love mommy, and daddy, and sister again. I want to get bigger too. When I get 6 then I get bigger. I love all of people and I love Isaiah and Graham and little Isiaha[we have two Isaiah's in our family]. I keep crying when I watch TV too much. I just don't like to sit in time-out. I love to go to church to make stuff for my mommy. I want to go to school. I want to not do bad things and not get a spankin. I love to go to sleep. I want to get bigger and use mamas scissors. I love to take a bath and play with my sister and I love to turn on some music and write and I love to ring bells. I love to pull down the curtains. I love to get a water bottle from the store. I love to push the buttons on my spider-man cup and I love it so much!


  1. I love this so much! Straight from his sweet, little heart! It is so precious and priceless. Everett is such a sweetheart.