Monday, August 1, 2011

life this week (according to cellphone pictures) #2

What a great week! It seems like the little bear's been learning and trying new things every day. He's growing SO fast right before my eyes. I can't believe it's his first birthday this month!
A couple hours ago the little bear and I walked down town to the bagel shop to say good-bye to the husby's grand parents. They weren't here for long, but it was good to see them and I'm glad Everett got to hang out with... Everett lol.
I also had a great night last night hanging out and goofing off with my friend Kasandra. I'm glad she's here for a short time this summer and I really need to hang out with her much more before this summer is over and she goes back to school :(
My sister, Brenna, and her husband will also be leaving the beginning of September. They're moving to Texas, and I seriously don't know how I will get by without her being here!!! She is my go to person. Anytime I ever need something or want to go out and do something, she's always the first person I ask. She's also like a second mama to the little bear. They will be both greatly missed by all of us.
Anyway's back onto the point here. There is a lot going on right now around these parts so here's a little peek into my week. Enjoy! xo

1. Sound checking  for a show
2. Water balloons
3. Drawing
4. Ready for the rain
5. Brenna @ work
6. Decorating cup cakes
7. Husby's show @ the park
8. Big Everett & lil' Everett
9. On a mission with Brenna and Kasandra @ Lowes (good times!)
P.S. also this week I started a Google+ go add me!

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