Monday, August 29, 2011

Life this week (according to cellphone pictures) #5

Wow, what a crazy, busy week! This barely skims the top of it, but here are a few random cell phone pictures. AND... I'm looking forward to another crazy, busy, but awesome week. My sister and BIL decided they probably won't be leaving to Texas until the fifth, but still aren't set on the date. They still have too much to get done before they leave. Which is Fine By Me because it just means a little more time that I have them here!

1. Community Garden
2. On my way to food shop for little bear's party
3. Birthday BOY!
4. Wearing Papa's safety glasses
5. Quadro-puss
6. New Flash for my cam
7. Visiting Papa's @ his new job
8. Brenna making the little bear laugh
9. Relaxing on the porch

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