Friday, September 23, 2011


No matter how silly people may take blogging as, we are all involved in it. Even you are involved for simply clicking on whatever it was to be reading this post right now. We all somehow partake in the blogosphere. A blog is a sort of online journal to share things. I'm sure we all have taken part in some sort of journaling too wether it be documenting our meals, our loves, our wants, our inspirations, or our to-do's.

I have piles of composition books from all my years of journaling. The note books filled with so much of my life's ups, downs, heart breaks, break downs, goals, and victories have been pushed aside for newer different way of doing things. The difference I think now is more positive, more beauty, more love and more documenting. And the best part of this blogosphere is finding like-minded people. People who share their dreams, loves, creativity, art, recipes, writing, crafts, photography and so on. People that continue to inspire each other every day.

Having this little corner of the internet has helped my in so many areas. It's a release of creativity. It gives me a creative avenue in which I wouldn't otherwise have as a stay-at-home-mom. To have things pop inside my mind and then be able to share them is such an awesome thing. it gives me a sense of contributing, a sense of purpose outside of my day to day work, as a mom, and it gives me a reason to keep wheels turning inside my head.  It keeps me sharp, it's made me a better communicator. With all the design/fashion blogs I read it's even made my world a little bit prettier. Its given me a place for all of the weird, obsessively documenting parts of myself a home, its given me a place to share the never ending line of thoughts twirling in my head. Most of all though, this space has eternally let me keep some of the happiest moments of my life. I can always come back here when life seems to be a little down and remember so many good things. 
What about you? What is blogging to you? What do you journal or document? I'd really love to hear from you, as always! xo 

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