Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Weekend Traditions.

I think we've officially made it a weekend tradition to do a hike every Sunday before the weather starts turning bad. I really, really like this tradition! I actually look forward to it all week. Even though the husby is really busy on Sundays now, he usually has a few hours to spare in the middle of the day to take a little hike with us.
I never really take time to work out since I've had the little bear, so it's nice that I can get my heart rate up AND get to enjoy some amazing scenery at the same time! This weekend we hiked a trail called Rabbit's Ear Trail. I've been to A LOT of trails and this one is probably in my top 10 close to town! It's about half an hour from town and although it seems pretty desserty in McInnis Canyon, this hike is along a pretty ridge and you can see for miles in spots when you hike along it.

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  1. These are great pictures once again. This looks like a fun place to hike, and we'd like to see the view!

    Does Li'l Everett enjoy this as much as you guys do? I'll bet he does.

    Miss you and love you, Grammy ... and Gramps, too