Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Link Love.

Everett. He's really been into coloring lately! I love it.

There have been a lot of negative things said about the Kony movement. This is their official response from all the things said about them. I encourage you to read it. I do agree though that before you ever get involved in something, to do your research.

I'm loving this Etsy shop right now.
These videos on vimeo about hair are fantastic. Definitely give them a watch.
An all sister band. Beautiful voices.
Super interesting article on when your imagination is at it's peak. I always wondered about this.
Another little article on photography I found interesting on finding your style.
If you're a fan of Ruche, you should probably know that they have baby clothing coming soon!
Watermelon Lime Sorbet. Will definitely be making this this summer.
Love, Love, Love these Easter cookies.
My sister made these frozen yogurt dots the other day and they are such a treat. They're also make a great, cheap snack for little ones!
New to me favorite blogs: 1, 2
A dress I have been in love with the past few weeks.
40 I phone secret tips and tricks. Learned a few from this!

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