Friday, March 9, 2012


The other day I read an article on having a passion. It really got me thinking. The article read how a friend's parents had just recently retired. She had asked her parents why they did the same things every day. They answered that they just didn't really know what they like to do anymore. They had spent so much time focusing on making money and working forty hours a week that they had forgotten what their passion was. She later asked a friend what his passion was and he had no answer. It freaked him out a little and made him contemplate. He listed everyday things that he liked(music, computers) but couldn't list anything that he was passionate about. After a long discussion he decided that he was going move to Austin to try and discover his passion.
I'm a person that can't name just one distinct passion. I don't have any over the top amazing talents or gifts that I also love doing. But the few of my passions are writing, fashion, vintage... I can't even go on (I feel like I'll dig a deep hole of lists for you). You might have heard about our little vintage shop endeavors. It's gonna be hard and scary, but if we actually get to that place where we love what we're doing I think I can be satisfied. I feel like I have to remind myself every day and look at why I'm doing what I'm doing. Not just doing things to get by, but to really live out your passion, love what you do, and concentrate on what you know you really love.
So now I want to ask you, what is your passion?

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  1. Can I have several? First of all, it is just walking with Jesus. Then, it is loving husband, grandkids (and of course, kids ... but little ones are so much fun!), Prison Ministry, photos, writing on the computer or letters, poetry of course ... and this could go on and on. I feel passionate about colors, beauty, wild animals, scenery ... the life I am blessed to have.