Thursday, September 6, 2012

2ish Random Thoughts

1. It's been really heavy on my mind lately what we're going to eventually do with Everett for Pre-K. Weather we'll a) put him through a normal, free, public Pre-K. b) Put him in a private one. Or c) homeschool him. I really enjoy being there for him all the time even though it might be nice to have a little more time to get a job myself. I see a lot of benefits in schooling at home, but I also want him to have a little more of the actual school experience in his life. I'v been looking at some Pre-K books and bought a few for me to read on the whole homeschooling subject just to get my feet wet. I think it could be really fun to be his teacher, I'm just not sure if it would be too much of a commitment. I want to do what's best for him, of course, I'm just not sure what that is. If we want to put him in a paying, private school, some of them have waiting lists, so I feel a little pressured to decide now what we'll be doing. If any of you have strong opinions on the subject, I'd love to hear!

2. My friend started a discussion board on some serious Biblical and Christian topics. A lot of people have joined, and it's usually pretty active. I try to keep up on most of the topics, but sometimes if I haven't read it for a while it gets to be a little long for me to go back and read ALL of it. Everything that I've kept up on though has been super interesting and I love it! I love how subjects can get down to the nitty gritty. There is, of course, some heated arguments because of peoples differing opinions on the Bible or God etc. That's kinda what keeps it so interesting though. I almost wish there was an app that would notify me every time someone wrote something! I've been putting my two cents in here and there and it's nice that most people try to keep it from not getting personal and keep it more geared towards the subject at hand instead. I know it's super rare that I write anything like that on this blog, but I'm really not a throw it in your face person. This blog is a little too public for me to be throwing all my deep, personal opinions out there. Oh, I have definitely, definitely thought a lot before about posting on some subjects like that, but knowing that a lot of people can get offended easily by someone else's opinions has always made me decide against it. That's why I love this little semi-private discussion board and how down and dirty that we can get into some of the subjects. Seeing so many people, young and old, being involved and diving down deeper into the Bible to find some answers makes it pretty amazing to me. It's almost like a big Bible study unlike any I've seen before. Luckily, it's all written down so there are no fists flying, but it sorta makes me realize how important it is to have a small group of people like this to discuss important things with. And with there being so many diverse people joining, it makes it even better to hear so many different sides.

I have much more random thoughts I was planning on sharing, but seeing as I ended up writing a lot more than intended I'll just end it here and be back later with the rest! xo -Liz

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