Wednesday, September 12, 2012

fans, trips, colds, & magazines

Everett and Shyla spending so much time perfecting their fan voices

The Husby's gone to Salt Lake this entire week(yay! halfway there) for training. It's been pretty nice here. I've been hanging out with my parents and sissy a lot, and haven't had to worry as much about meals and house work. David had a cold before he left and it hit Everett hard the day after he had to leave. I've been trying to keep on top of mine since I still hadn't had any symptoms, but knew it was coming. Today has been the worst for me, but it's still not bad enough to even call a cold. Everett seems to be getting over it quickly, which is really great since he HATES sitting down to rest a cold off. What natural things do you do for cold remedies?
Other than that, I spent almost an hour talking to a guy on Monday who was raising money by selling magazines, which turned out to be a scam, so I spent the rest of the day fixing all that. Have any of you guys had that happen? I researched about it and found so much crazy stuff that these magazine sellers do. How some of them are even linked to kidnapping, rape, and burglary. I had such a bad day that day and didn't understand how such a seemingly nice person was scamming people. And even how the businesses they're working for are still legally in businesses. There are lots of crazy theories out there about them, but I'm not sure they are actually going that far with it. The guy I was talking to was even friendly enough, insisting on me taking a bracelet he had made after we were talking about it. Have any of you been affected by one of these magazine sales people? I'd really love to hear

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