Thursday, August 16, 2012


The weeks past have been so busy. And Every day is pretty much the same story. I feel really lucky when I am able to sit down and take time to post on this blog anymore. I love being able to post little tid-bits of life on here. I get so behind on some of my social networks that I've had to abandon some completely! I feel like I need to find a balance and organize my days a little more in order to organize my everyday life. Ever since I became a new mom, I've been struggling to feel like I can get enough done during the day! I'm pretty sure a lot, if not all mom's feel this way. Now that Everett's a little older, I feel like I definitely have a little more free time for things that I've always enjoyed doing, hobbies etc. and I LOVE IT! But with that in the mix, it still usually feels just as crazy. Not that I don't like it. I've always liked feeling busy.. just not overly behind on things. It's not a huge deal usually. Sometimes I just have to roll up some old pants for Everett to wear when I'm behind on laundry or toss all my veggies together to make a big, unique salad for dinner when I'm behind on food shopping. A lot of my life feels like an experiment. Just try something until you find what works. I guess all of life is like that though.
Here's a little peek into my everyday life:
Everett's been waking up A LOT earlier than normal lately. He used to, amazingly enough, sleep until about 9 every morning, but has recently been waking up at 6-6:30. He gets out of his bed, goes to wake up dada(whose alarm has gone off at least once already). They eat breakfast and lovingly let me sleep a little longer! David puts on a movie for him before he heads out the door(which has been Horton Hears A Who for like 2 straight weeks now!). I wake up and eat breakfast and that's when Everett has Second Breakfast. I clean up the kitchen, put on my make up, and get ready for the day. If I remember(and if the waters on that day) Everett and I will head outside to play and water the garden and flowers. Once we're done, if the days going smoothly I either do some chores at home, run some errands with Everett, or have a play date if its been a while. In between whatever we're doing, we eat lunch. Shortly after it's usually past Everett's nap time before I realize it. When he naps at home I usually spend the whole time writing which has been SO NICE! I love the time to myself. Ever since Everett's been waking up earlier, he's also been taking a lot longer naps. He used to take two hour naps but now he's gone on to three sometimes four hour long naps! I have no idea if this is normal. He's so easy to get to sleep, but I don't know how to get him to STAY asleep for as long as he needs to all night. So, if you have any suggestions, I'd be very grateful to hear! I don't like cleaning or unpacking while he's sleeping because I can be pretty noisy, so I usually just concentrate on writing since I know I won't be able to do it the rest of the day. When Everett finally wakes up it's usually time to start dinner. David gets home, we eat, and then either go on a walk or take Everett to the park. The evenings have been so nice around here lately we usually don't miss out on the opportunity to enjoy it. When we get home, we get Everett cleaned up and ready for bed. We both try to be there when we're putting him down for then night to read books, sing songs, etc. I then clean the kitchen, sweep, or try to get done as much as I can before my energy runs out. I used to write or read  a lot before bed recently while David played video games, but sadly found out that when I do things like that before bed it gets my mind going too much and I toss and turn all night. That's a VERY normal, smooth day. It may seem a little boring, but our days can change so dramatically, so often. I usually like a pretty regular weekday though, I'm lucky to have a very easy going kid. I'd love to hear about your everyday lives too, so feel free to share! xo -Liz

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