Thursday, August 23, 2012

Lucky Kid

Loving how much character this kid has and how fast he's growing! He'll be turning TWO on Saturday! In this picture, I had just put new pants on him and he was crazy about the pockets for some reason. He kept putting his hand in his pocket and walking around. It seriously was the CUTEST! I told him to show me his pockets once I finally pulled my camera out and he turned around with this pose. He obviously knows his stuff.
On to another subject, I've been feeling really lucky. Not just in life generally, but yesterday we had a close encounter and got really lucky. When I was cleaning up the living room, I heard Everett start balling and when I ran up stairs, his head was stuck between two iron bars at the top of our stairway. I tried to get him out, but to no avail. I finally called David and he said if we can't get him out, we would probably have to call the fire department. That kinda made me freak out. I grabbed some oil and rubbed it on his head to see if it would help it slide out. Him and I pulled and pulled. I tried every different angle I could. His head began swelling and turning red from all the pressure, trying to get it out. I was lost, and knew it was about time to give up. I went down stairs to get him a drink of water and as I looked upstairs I noticed he had gotten his arm through the same side where his head was. It gave me a brilliant idea and I pushed his body though the bars sideway and pulled him up and out from behind the handrail, maneuvering his body out of there. Oh gosh that relief washing over me (and probably him too) was greater than I can explain. That fear left and was replaced with gratitude. I calmed down Everett and was so thankful it ended up being a lot easier than what I worried it would end up like. Thank goodness it turned out OK. And now, I'm a little bit smarted on toddlers getting there heads stuck in things. When I think about all the things this kid has been through in his life already, I really think he must be a lucky kid. Already following in his dada and gampa's lucky, Irish-blooded footsteps... Oui.

***Edit: Just a few minutes after I posted this Everett had another scary close call.  I'm pretty sure I'll get a grey hair or two from that one. He wears me out! haha

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  1. Oh my goodness! I don't believe in luck, but I believe the Lord had His hand on our little guy!

    We tried to send an e-card unsuccessfully. We hope little Everett got our presents on time.
    Please give him a kiss for Gramps and Grammy!

    Are you and Little Everett coming up with David? Hope so!

    Love lots, Gramps & Grammy